My Favourite Lipsticks- Blogmas Day 14

Hello beauty’s,

So today I am going to be talking about the Lipsticks I can’t live without. I use these all the time and I would recommend them to anyone. So let’s get started.

The first one I am going to talk about is Mac Velvet Teddy. This is my all time favourite lipstick, I am always reaching for it. It’s the perfect nude colour which applies so easily. It’s matte and it actually stays on when you eat and drink. It’s so pigmented and looks great with any makeup look. I would definitely recommend it.

The next one is from Avon and it’s one of their plumping lipsticks, this is in the shade Pink Pop. It’s such a beautiful pink colour, it applies very easily. I wouldn’t say it’s a plumping lipstick, for me my lips look the same. The colour is well lasting but if you eat and drink you may want to re apply the colour a little bit. But I would definitely recommend this lipstick.

My next favourite is Tanya Burr Central Park. This is a bright pink colour which I can’t live without. It’s super pigmented and it doesn’t make my lips dry even after wearing it for hours. It glides onto my lips with no effort. The colour stays on for a long time without needing any touch ups. I would definitely recommend this product.

And the last one is L’Oréal 431. This is a beautiful Fuchsia colour. It applies very easily and feels nice on the lips. When you eat and drink the colour does rub of a lot so you so have to re apply it. It’s a perfect colour for when you just want a simple makeup look. I would definitely recommend this lipstick.

That’s it for my favourite lipsticks, I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you again tomorrow.



Red Lipsticks

Hello beauty’s,

Welcome back to another blog post. So around this time of year I always love a good Red lipstick. I actually did a post like this last year.

But I have some different Red lipsticks I just have to talk about.

I didn’t wear much makeup in Summer so now it’s Winter I will be doing more makeup reviews. And let’s get started with the post.

Jeffree Star – Masochist

For a while I have wanted a Jeffree Liquid Lipstick. And now I finally have one and I am so happy about it. I actually really like the packaging on this product because it’s pink. What I love about the applicator is you don’t have a lot of product going onto your lips at once. It is very easy to apply, it just glides on which I love. Once on your lips it actually dries quiet quickly which is always a good thing. After a while this product can be a bit drying but if you put lip balm underneath it stops that. The colour actually stayed on for a really long time even when eating and drinking. I would definitely recommend buying this.

Makeup Revolution- Lady

Now I am surprised this lipstick is in my favourites as it only cost me £1, but I really love it. I don’t really like the packaging on this but for the price of it I can’t go wrong. The colour is beautiful and is actually very pigmented. The only thing I don’t really like about this product is as soon as you eat or drink anything the colour comes of a lot. So you do need to re apply the colour constantly in the day which can be really annoying but I just love the colour and the lipstick so I don’t mind doing it.

Rimmel Kate- 51 Muse Red

I have always been a big fan of Rimmel lipsticks so it’s no surprise one is included in this post. The packaging is so nice. I love this colour as it’s a true Red with shimmer which looks amazing. Applying this lipstick is like a dream it’s so easy and it just glides on, it takes no effort at all. The colour is very pigmented which I love. The colour is amazing at lasting throughout the day, it hardly ever needs a touch up so you don’t have to spend a lot of time making sure it looks good.

Max Factor – Scarlet Ghost

I went through a stage of loving MaxFactor lipsticks but I still have one that I love a lot. Its not a true red colour like I normally go for but I still love it. The packaging is ok but it does scratch quiet easily which is annoying. The lipstick it’s self applies really well and doesn’t take much effort. The colour is amazing once it’s applied. The colour lasts through eating and drinking which is always a really good thing, I wouldn’t change anything about this lipstick.

So these are a few of my favourite Red lipsticks I love.

Thank you all so much for your amazing support.


Baby Lips Crayons

Hello beauty’s,

I have always loved the Baby Lips balms, so when I found out they have crayons I had to have them.

So I decided to get 3 of the colours which are so beautiful. The first one is Creamy Cameral which is a beautiful nude colour. I love how the packaging and the crayon are the same colour in and outside, I don’t no why but I love that. These crayons also contain moisturising oils which is so good.

The next shade is Playful Purple which has to be my favourite colour out of them. These colours are so pigmented, they are not patchy at all which I wasn’t expecting. As they are crayon balms I didn’t think the colour would be that good, but they are so good. These are available in drug stores for £5.99 I think.

The last colour I have is Sugary Orange which is so beautiful. These colours also have a good wear on them, when you eat and drink it hardly comes of. You might want to touch it up a little bit but not much.

Overall these products are:

  • Very pigmented
  • Long wear, not much touch up needed
  • Very moisturising
  • Easy to apply
  • And they have beautiful colours

I would definitely recommend these products and I will be buying more shades.

What’s your favourite lip product?

Thank you for reading!


PS.. Get Lippy Review

Hello beauty’s,

So today I am going to be trying and reviewing some lip products from Primark, so these are the Get Lippy Matte Collection and you get a liquid lipstick and a lip liner.

So the frost colour I’m going to be trying is Flutter which is a very nice pink nude. So both the products was a dream to apply they just glided on my lips with ease which I love. It also dried matte in a few seconds and it feels so lightweight on, so far I am loving it but let’s see how it’s lasts during the day. When you eat and drink the colour does come of so you have to reapply it but you do with most lipsticks anyway I am loving this product and the colour I would definitely recommend it.

And the next shade I got was Cookie Dough which is such a beautiful nude colour, again it was so easy to apply, I had no problems with it, the only thing I don’t like is after a while it does feel very drying but if you put lip balm on before it that really helps, I would definitely buy more of these and I will be getting a lot of use of them, for £3 I am very impressed.

Have you ever tried any Primark Makeup? Let me know in the comments.



Rimmel Lipsticks 

Hello lovelies,

Firstly thank you for over 80 followers that is crazy and makes me so happy, thank you for following me, reading and liking my posts it really means a lot to me.

Anyway today’s post is going to be on my Rimmel Lipsticks as I just love them a lot. 

So the first one is in the shade 36 and it’s a really nice pink colour, what I love about these lipsticks is the pigment, they never fail to amaze me the colours are always perfect.

The next one is in the shade 22 and this is a lovely classic red colour which is one of my favourites.

This one is the shade 55 my nude, these Lipsticks are so easy to apply and are not drying at all and they range from £5 I think, this one I have used the most as you can tell, once this runs out I will be buying another one.

And the last one I am going to talk about is in the shade 20, this is more of a plum colour which I don’t actually have many of, I loved wearing this lipstick in summer on the really bright days.

I hope you liked this little quick post for the day

Love KimmsBeautyy

My Makeup Routine 

Hello lovelies,

As its nearly Christmas I have been using a lot of different makeup so I have decided to update my daily makeup routine 

First I will use my foundation I have recently been using Maybellines dream satin liquid in the shade Ivory, this foundation gives me such a nice healthy look and it matches my skin tone perfectly, it doesn’t take long to blend in and I really like the finished look, this also doesn’t clump on my face like some other foundations do.

I apply my foundation with a makeup sponge I got from primark. 

Then I will use the Rimmel wake me up concealer I put this under my eyes to cover my dark circles and it gives me a wide awake look.

To set my makeup I use this MUA powder in the shade translucent, this only cost me £1 and it’s really good for setting my makeup.  

For bronzer I will take my Rimmel natural bronzer in the shade sun bronze and I will apply this were the sun would normally hit my face such as my checks and forehead, I don’t like to put  lots of bronzer on as it can sometimes make me look a bit orange so I just put a light ammount on and this gives me such a natural looking glow. 

Then I do my eyebrows I have been using a few Essence products, I first use an  eyebrow stencil and  use it to shape my eyebrows as I have never gotten them shaped which I will be getting done soon I hope , I use an essence eyebrow powder and brush and theses are amazing at giving me a nice shape.

For eyeshadow I have been keeping it really simple as I don’t like wearing a lot of eye makeup at once, I have been using this Maybelline 24 colour tattoo in the shade creamy beige, I apply this with my finger and it’s really pigmented and lasts all day which I was not expecting.

For mascara I have been using the Maybelline lash sensational luscious, this is amazing it gives me so much volume to my lashes I am in love with it.

And the last thing I will use is lipstick I have been loving this Rimmel lipstick in the shade 19 as its so easy to apply and I love the colour.

So here is the finished look, I’m not a makeup artist but I like the way this comes out and I still have to practice a bit more with some things but it looks a lot better then it did when I first started wearing makeup. 

Love KimmsBeautyy

Favourite Red Lipsticks 

Hello lovelies,

So since the sun has gone and the rain has come I have been loving and buying lots of red lipsticks, none of them are high end although I would love a Mac red lipstick when I have the money, anyway here is a few lipsticks I have been loving.

So the first one is by Avon and its from the perfect reds collection in the shade Lava Love, this is very easy to apply and it’s such a pretty red colour it’s also not drying the only thing is when you eat and drink it comes of a lot and I have noticed during the day I do have to re apply it as the colour will sometimes fade but other then that I love it.

The next one is also from Avon and this is the perfectly matte I have reviewed this before, this is the shade Ruby Kiss it’s easy to apply, doesn’t come of when eating and drinking and lasts a really long time and it’s such an easy to wear shade.  

The next one is by Rimmel and this is The Only One Lipstick in the shade 810 one of a kind, this is a darker colour so I find it a bit harder to apply then the others but I love the finished look it’s also matte but it isn’t drying like some matte lipsticks are.

This next one is also by Rimmel and this is the Lasting Finish by Kate in the shade 51 Muse red, this one out of them all is the one I reach for the most I just love the shimmer it has to it and how it feels on as its not drying and so easy to wear.

This one is also by Rimmel in the shade 22, as you can tell I love Rimmel lipsticks they are so easy to apply and the colour lasts a really long time and dosent fade that much.

And the last one is by Makeup Revolution in the shade Lady, this one only cost me £1 which is so good, I found this easy to apply and I really liked the colour, it’s not as good as the others in lasting wise but for the price I would say it’s defiantly worth a try.

Thank you so much for reading this post


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