Feather And Down Review

Hello beautys,

Today I am going to be doing another Feather and Down review, they kindly sent me two products to review and I am definitely impressed with them.

The first prodcut I am going to talk about is the Breath Well pillow spary. I am a big fan of this product and I definitely couldn’t live without it now. Not only does is help me fall asleep quicker it also helpes me breath a lot better. This has an infusion of peppermint and tea tree oils blended with lavender to help aid a restful night’s sleep. I love this product and will be buying another one once I have run out.

They also sent me a bath essence which I also love. I love bubble baths I have so many so when I got sent this I was so excited. It created a lot of bubbles which is perfect and it also smelt really nice, it wasnt a strong scent but I liked that with this. This is also a breath well product which I think is such a good idea. This has definitely help me relax after a busy day at work.

You can buy Feather and Down products in Boots and I definitely do recommend you check them out.



Trying New Things

Hello beauty’s,

I hope your week is going well for you. Today I am going to be talking about trying new things.

Recently I haven’t really had many blog post ideas becuase I feel like I’m not reaching out and trying new things. Then I realised I never really try anything new. I’ve been stuck with the same blog posts for a while now, I love writing my Makeup reviews but i want to switch it up a bit.

I’ve been blogging for nearly 2 years and change can be really good!, so I’m going to have a think of some new things to talk about in blog posts, also I’m going to try new things out in life, like trying on clothes I wouldn’t normally pick.

I might actually every so often write a chatty blog post like this one, as I do enjoy writing posts like this.

Feather And Down Review

Hello beauty’s.

Welcome back to my blog. I hope your week is going well so far.

I was kindly sent some things from Feather And Down to review. I defiantly do recommend trying some of their products, they have always been amazing for me. You can buy Feather And Down products from boots stores.

Feather And Down

So the first thing they sent me is the Calming Candle. I have always loved candles, so when I was sent this product I couldn’t contain my excitement. This candle has defiantly helped me relax more before bed. As the candle burns essential oils realise the most charming fragrance to fill your room with complete serenity. This candle has defiantly improved my sleep buy helping me feel more calm before bed. This is something I defiantly recommend if you have problems relaxing before bed.

They also sent me a Soothing Body Oil, which is also amazing. This has calming lavender and chamomile essential oils. So I normally spray this into my skin before bed, rub it in and allow it to dry. The oils help to prepare your body for a restful nights sleep. Massaging oils into your skin which can reduce stress and anxiety by decreasing muscle tension which can help improve relaxation. This has defiantly helped me relax before bed and put me in a good mind set for bed.

Since using both these products my sleep has gotten a lot better and I am going to continue to use these products. I would defiantly recommend giving these products a try.

Thank you so much for your support and for reading.

Love Kimmsbeautyy