Still Me JoJo Moyes

Hello beauty’s,

So I have recently read JoJo Moyes Still Me, it’s the third book in the Me Before You series.

This book is so good, I loved everything about it and fell in love with all the charters again. It’s defiantly a book I would re read over and over and never get bored of it. Once I started this book I couldn’t put it down, it grabs you into the story from the first page. It was easy to connect to the story line and it made me feel as if I was watching it all play out right in front of me.

Still Me is about Lou and her new job in New York, she knows her employer is a good man and she knows his wife is keeping a secret from him. But Lou meets josh who looks a bit like Will.

I won’t tell you to much about the book as I don’t want to spoil it for you. But the story is so well written and there was so many things I didn’t expect. I 100% recommend this book, it’s so worth the read.

What’s your favourite book?



Wild Like Me Book Review

Hello beauty’s,

So today I am back with a book review, I haven’t done a book review in a very long time so I thought it was about time I did one.

So when Louise first announced she was brining out a book I was every excited, I was not disappointed. This book is so good and had me hocked from the first page, it’s such a lovely story.

So this book is about Robin Wilde, a single mum and she is very good at her job, she has a great best friend and a bonkers Auntie and her daughter Lyla to love. But she has a secret sometimes she feels very lonely. At first she struggles to fit in with the school mums, until she realises she needs to get out there and change her life.

A little courage can go a long way and exciting new opportunities are soon on the horizon, and maybe a man.

Normally I’m more into romance filled books so when I buy a book that isn’t based around that it’s always a risk for me. I wasn’t disappointed though, all the characters are so well written and it was so easy to imagine what the characters would look like and sound like. Louise has done a great job with this book and it’s so worth giving it a read.

Have you read this book?


Oli White Book Review 

Hello beautiful followers,

So today I am going to be doing a review on Oli Whites books because I love reading and well why not?

So Oli has 2 books which are Generation Next and The Take Over which I love to pieces I don’t actually have a favourite out of them I love them both the same as they are amazing. 

Generation Next is about Jack who switches school and meets a new group of friends, together they create Generation Next an incredible new social media platform which grew by hundrands over night but some out there is determined to trip Jack up at every step and if he’s doesn’t stop them him and his friends could be in danger.

This book had me hooked from the first page I just couldn’t put it down, I instantly connected with the characters and just wanted to read more and more.

The Takeover is about Gen Next taking over at the worlds biggest music festival, they meet TV producer Ethan he se me like the perfect person to help out and everyone loves Ethan but Jack isn’t to sure and Ethan seems to be hiding something but only Jack can see it and if Jack isn’t careful everything could go up in smoke.

Again I could not put this book down it had me hooked I also like how the Ethan character was written these books are definitely worth reading and I know I will never get bored of these books.


Book Review April 2017

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to my blog so today’s post is going to be a book review as I love reading and I love sharing the books that’s I have loved so let’s get started. 

The One Memory Of Flora Banks

Flora has amnesia she can’t remember anything day to day, the instructions her parents gave her or how old she is. Then she kisses someone she shouldn’t and the next day she remembers it, it’s the first time she’s remembered anything since she was 10 but the boy has gone. This book is amazing I am in love with it, just when I thought I knew how it would end it had a twist to it i love books that do that I would definitely recommend this book.

Silence Is Goldfish 

I have a voice but it isn’t mine, it used to say things so I’d fit in, to please my parents, to please my teachers. 15 year old Tess doesn’t mean to become mute at first she’s too shocked to speak and who wouldn’t be discovering your whole life had been a lie because your dad isn’t your real father is a pretty big deal. I don’t normally go for books like this as I honestly didn’t think I would read something with no romance but I was wrong this book had left a good impression and I will definitely be reading more books I normally wouldn’t go for now.

A Quiet Kind Of Thunder 

Steffi doesn’t talk and Rhys can’t hear but they understand each other perfectly love isn’t always a lightning strike sometimes it’s the rumbling roll of thunder. This is such a nice book of two people meeting and helping each other, also it’s such a pretty cover I love everything about this book, the story had me hooked from page 1 and it made me want to read more as I learnt more about the characters I will definitely be re reading this book.

See How They Lie 

Mae’s grown up at the Hummingbird Creek, an elite wellness retreat where teens get the help they need from Mae,s father.  The Creek monitors residents daily life for health and well being and they must follow strict rules but Mae breaks them and starts asking dangerous questions. Once again this book has so many different twists and turns that I was not expecting but it made the book so good I just had to know what happens when she started finding out about the Creeks secrets.

I hope you liked this post, also thank you for nearly 170 followers that is amazing I love you all so much!


Zoella Book Review 

Hello cupcakes,

So today’s post is a review of Zoellas books in her book club, the only one I don’t have is Finding Audrey as I had that before her book club, so let’s get started.

If I Was Your Girl By Meredith Russo

When I first saw this book I was immediately attracted to the cover, it just really grabbed my attention. This book is about Amanda Hardy who is the new girl at school, all she wants to do is make friends and fit in but Amanda has a secret, she used to be called Andrew and secrets always have a way of getting out. This book has a really nice message about loving yourself and not being afraid, because everyone can relate to a story about having courage to be who you really are, I would recommend this book to anyone I’m so glad Zoella chose this to be in her book club it’s one of the best I have ever read.

Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell

I have never read a scary book, I love watching horror films but I have never thought about a horror book and this one has not disappointed me. This had me hooked from the first page I just couldn’t put it down, this book is about Sophie who goes to spend summer with her cousins at the old school house, Dunvegan school for girls has been closed for many years and is now a family home, but they left something behind. Cameron with his scarred hand, Lillias has a fear of bones and Piper who seems to goo to be true and theirs her other cousin the girl with a room full of dolls, the girl that died. If you don’t like scary books this one isn’t for you, there is so many twists and turns and it keeps you guessing, I’m so happy that I got to read this book I love it.

I Was Here by Gayle Forman

I have fallen in love with this book, I connected with the characters so much I felt like I was with them watching the story unfold. This book is about two friends Cody and Meg they knew everything about each other or Cody thought they did, but how well do you really know your best friend and what do you do when they leave you behind, Meg has decided to take her own life and Cody doesn’t understand why so she goes looking for answers, this book has a perfect mix of tragedy, mystery and romance, if you read this book you will fall in love and won’t be able to put it down, I would recommend this book to anyone.

Lying About Last Summer by Sue Wallman 

Zoella is so good at picking out amazing books as I love this one as well, this one is   about Skye who’s sister died in a tragic accident now she wants and escape from reality, her parents think it’s a great idea to take her to a holiday camp for bereaved teens to help her move on, at first the camp isn’t that bad but Skye starts receiving texts from someone claiming to be her dead sister, she fears the past is about to surface. Again this book has so many twits and turns that made me love this book it’s such a good page turner I know I will re read this book a lot.

The Twelve Days Of Dash And Lilly by Rachel and David

I read this book near Christmas and it really got me into the Christmas spirit which I liked, Dash and Lilly have been dating for nearly a year but then Lilly’s grandfather falls ill and it takes it toll on everyone, they are still together but the amazing magic between them has gone and Lilly has fallen out of love with her life, Dash teams up with her brother to help Lilly get back into the Christmas spirit. This is such a beautiful book about Christmas spirit and love I will definitely re read this over and over.

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

At first I wasn’t sure if I would even like this book as it’s not something I normally go for, this book is about Conor and a monster that turns up, not the same one that’s in his nightmares nearly every night since his mum started her treatments, this monster just wants the truth from Conor. I don’t want to give much of the story away as it is an amazing book that everyone needs to buy and read, it also has a strong message to be brave, I really want to see the film now as this book is amazing and I’m sure the film is.

The One We Fell In Love With by Paige Toon

I didn’t think I would like this book as I have never read anything by Paige Toon so I didn’t know what to expect but now I want to read more of her books.  This book is about Phoebe, Eliza and Rose who are all sisters and they all fall in love with a boy called Angus, I’m not going to tell you anymore about this book as it’s something you should read as it’s a beautiful book that everyone should go and buy and read, this is one of my favourite books I have ever read, Paige Toon is amazing and I will be looking out for more of her books to give a read.

So that’s my book review I loved reading all of these books so much and I hope you enjoyed reading about them.

What’s your favourite book?

Love, KimmsBeautyy 

Birthday Haul

Hello lovelies,

So it was my birthday on the 27th October so I thought why not do a little haul blog.

Disclaimer: I am not trying to brag or show of in anyway I’m socked by the things I got.

So the first things that I can’t show you yet but can tell you about are concert tickets, so I got tickets to see little mix on the 28th October 2017 which is a day after my birthday I’m so excited to see them as I love their music so much, the next concert is Ariana on the 22nd May I’m beyond excited, since concerts are not cheap this has taken up most of my money as I have to pay for travel as well and I’m not going to have very much money for a while but oh well I can buy makeup anyday of the week, I can’t get tickets all the time! 

So from my best friend I got a me to you bear which says best friend on it it’s so cute I am in love with it!

Then she got me some socks which are very cute, yes I’m 21 I look about 12 years tho haha! 

She also got me a me to you friends certificate which is so cute, I want to get a frame for it!

She got me some more me to you things, a cup and a keyring these are so cute I just love them.

And then she got me a keyring with 21 in which my mum also got me so now I have 2!

From the rest of my family and friends I got money so I of course went shopping, my arms were hurting after as I didn’t realise how much I had bought but I never have a big sum of money so I went on a spree which doesn’t happen very often!

So let’s start of with primark, I got some of Gabriella’s new home range as I fell in love with it so thanks to my dad for buying me them.

The first one I got was the PJ set which is so cute!, this was £11 and on the top it says the time is meow which is so cute!

Then I got the dressing gown which was £16 it feels so soft, I don’t normally buy dressing gowns but I couldn’t resist this one as its cute!

I then got a pillow and mug, the pillow was £5 and the cup was £2 these are so cute.

I also got a little perfume from primark which is called Cherry Bomb it was only £2 and it smells amazing I wade my expecting it to be as good as it is.

I also got the Gabriella socks which are also cats, these were £2.50 for one pair, if you see her range in your store it’s defiantly worth a look.

The little mix book, I have been wanting this since it came out and since I had the money I decided to get it I’m so excited to read it!

I then got some of Zoellas sweet collection, I got the little bag, body cram and bath an shower milk so excited to use these.

I then got some new clothes which I don’t really buy as I never find any clothes that I like so I was supprised I bought them.

So first I got some new shoes from Shoe Zone as I needed some new boots I love these ones so much!

I then got some jeggings from h & m there just plain black, these are so comfy I would defiantly recommend these.

And the last clothing item is a baggy jumper from select it so soft and doesn’t cling, I want more of these.

I also got some books, the first one is called ill give you the sun I have read a Jandy Nelson book and I loved it.

Then I got some of zoellas book club books, the first one I got is frozen Charlotte I love horror films so I’m hoping I will like this, I then got I was here as this sounds like an amazing book and these were buy one get one half price. 

I also got if I was your girl as it was only £3.99 which I though was a really good price I’m so exited to do some reading.

I got the Ariana yours truly cd which I have been wanting for a while.

I got some DVDs so I got Louise live, me before you and pll season 6.

Thanks so much for reading this post sorry it’s so long, I love you all so much.