Super Hydrating De Tiring Mask

Hello beautys,

After taking a well needed break from blogging I am back now and I from now on going to have a sechdual, so every Saturday I will be posting a new posts.

Today I am reviewing a Garnier Skinactive Tissue Mask. So this is the Super Hydrating De-Tiring mask, after using this mask your skin is meant to be instantly rehydrated, your skin will look smoother and your skin will look like as if it’s been rested.

This mask has lavender essential oil and hyaluronic acid, once its applied on your skin it diffuses it’s De-Tiring and hydrating benefits onto the skin.

After I took this mask of my skin felt to hydrated and clean, I loved it. My skin definitely looks a lot smoother and better, I can’t fault this product at all, it did exactly what it said on the packet. This mask has definitely made an improvement to my skin, I will be buying another one of these.

Love Kimmsbeautyy


4 Things I Love

Hello beautys,

Hope you all having a really good week. Today I am going to be talking about 4 things I am loving right now. I love writing theses posts and they always seem to get a good response so lets get started.

The first thing I love is my really big teddy. My boyfriend recently bought me a big massive teddy and it’s so cute. It’s nearly as big as me.

My next favourite is a body mist I have been loving, it’s my favourite ever body mist. It’s by Body Fantasies Cottan Candy, it’s smells so good but if you don’t like strong sweet smells then this probably isn’t for you.

I have also recently fallen in love with a shower gel, which is no shock if you know me, I probably own to many shower gels but this one is definitely my favourite. It’s by Carex and it’s Unicorn Magic it’s also suitable for all skin types which is really good. To me it’s smells like sweets with a small hint of lavender, a little bit of this product goes a long way so you can get a lot of use out of it. I would definitely recommend this product.

My last favourite I can’t actually take a picture of but I have loved watching Friday Night Dinner recently. My boyfriend got me into watching it and I don’t regret it, it’s funny and makes me some every time I watch it.

What blog posts would you like to see in future from me?


Pure Charcoal Black Tissue Mask Review

Hello beautys,

Welcome back to my blog, I have been so busy with work recently I haven’t had time to write any blog posts, but I have made time to try and review a face mask.

This is the Garnier Pure Charcoal Black Tissue Mask, this makes purifies and hydrates your skin and tightens your pores. I have been wanting to try this mask for a while and I’m so excited to see what benefits it will have for my skin.

When trying to apply the mask it was very awkward as it is very wet and slippery and not nice. When the mask is one it also looks quiet scary.

Now I have to leave the mask on for 15 minutes.

This mask has definitely hydrated my skin and made it look and feel softer, I am impressed, my skin aslo feels tighter which feels good. This mask definitely does what it says. For £3 I can’t fault this mask, I just wish it was a bit easier to apply as it was very difficult because of how wet it was. I will be buying another one of these face masks.

Thanks for reading


Bambi And Patch

Hello beautys,

Welcome back to my blog, as you all should know I am a big animal lover and recently I have adopted 2 beautiful rabbits.

So the first one is called Bambi and she is a drawf rabbit, she loves to hop about and is about a year old. I actually got Bambi from a friend as she already owns 14 rabbits so she wanted to down size a bit. She loves her treats and the toys I buy her, she’s always playing and she’s just so sweet.

The next one is a boy and he’s called Patch, he’s only 8 weeks old and is so soft and tiny. I saw a woman on Facebook selling baby rabbits and when I saw his picture I fell in love. He is so sweet and he sits on my knee for hours on end. He’s still a bit nervous but that’s to be expected.

I love rabbits so much and I definitely want more in the future.

Do you have any pets?

Love Kimmsbeautyy

4 Things I Love

Hello beauty’s,

Today I am back to tell you about 4 Things I have recently been loving. This is my favourite post to write at the moment.

My first favourite is a dress I recently bought from Select which I am so in love with. It’s a beautiful blue skater dress and I have never loved a dress as much as I love this one.

I have also been loving the Feather and Down Melting Shower Cream. I kindly got sent this and I’m so happy I was, it smells amazing, makes my skin feel so soft and relaxes me before bed. This is one of my favourite shower creams now, you must try it.

I love Zoellas body mists and recently I have loved using Let’s Spritz mist. I have the small bottle of this and it smells amazing. To me it smells like summer. It’s so fruity which is my favourite scent in the world, I will never get bored of this product.

And my last favourite is my Thumper teddy. Since my boyfriend bought me this I have just been so in love with it. It’s so soft and so cute and who doesn’t love a good Disney teddy. It’s something I will treasure forever and ever.

I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who supports my blog. I love you all so so much, thank you.

Love kimmsbeautyy


Hello beauty’s,

So today is Wednesday the 18th and I have woken up to see I have hit 500 followers. I never thought this day would come!, I never expected to get 100 followers never mind 500! I’m so happy and feel so lucky right now.

I blog because it’s a way I can express myself and talk about the things I love. And can’t believe so many of you like my blog posts.

Thank you so much for all the support on my blogs, it’s amazing.


Our Norfolk Holiday 1

Hello beauty’s,

So on the 31st of March my Boyfriend and I started our little our holiday adventure. We are staying in a little cottage on Morton On The Hill, the cottage is the perfect size for us and is very Morden. We booked the cottage on the Sykes Cottages website and it was very easy to use.

Outside of our cottage you can see a big felid and you can often see rabbits running around, they look so cute.

On the Sunday we Visited Redwings Horse rescue, we got to walk around and see all the rescued horses which was nice, and some of them were really cute.

Then we went to the seaside town Sheringham, we went on a few of the 2p machines and won some key rings, then we had a nice walk along the beach.

On Monday we went to Potter Heigham and Wroxham to look around the shops, we made friends with some ducks. We also went to Hemsby later on in the day, we went on more 2p machines and had a look at the beach.

On the Tuesday we went to Amazona Zoo, we saw lots of different animals. And then we spent the after noon in Cromer and had some fish and chips.

On the Wednesday I didn’t take any pictures as we went shopping in Norwich, I treated myself to a few new things which I love.

Thursday we went to Great Yarmouth and won some more stuff on the arcades. We then went to a shop called the Range and I bought myself a few things.

Friday we went to Thrigby Wildlife Gardens which was every good. We saw the tigers been fed and went on a walk across the ponds. It was one of my favourite days.

Today is the Saturday and we have had to leave the cottage which is sad. But on the way home we are going to explore a few more places. It’s been such a good week away.

If you would like me to do a haul, I defiantly will.

Thank you so much for all your love and support.