Birthday Haul

Hello lovelies,

So it was my birthday on the 27th October so I thought why not do a little haul blog.

Disclaimer: I am not trying to brag or show of in anyway I’m socked by the things I got.

So the first things that I can’t show you yet but can tell you about are concert tickets, so I got tickets to see little mix on the 28th October 2017 which is a day after my birthday I’m so excited to see them as I love their music so much, the next concert is Ariana on the 22nd May I’m beyond excited, since concerts are not cheap this has taken up most of my money as I have to pay for travel as well and I’m not going to have very much money for a while but oh well I can buy makeup anyday of the week, I can’t get tickets all the time! 

So from my best friend I got a me to you bear which says best friend on it it’s so cute I am in love with it!

Then she got me some socks which are very cute, yes I’m 21 I look about 12 years tho haha! 

She also got me a me to you friends certificate which is so cute, I want to get a frame for it!

She got me some more me to you things, a cup and a keyring these are so cute I just love them.

And then she got me a keyring with 21 in which my mum also got me so now I have 2!

From the rest of my family and friends I got money so I of course went shopping, my arms were hurting after as I didn’t realise how much I had bought but I never have a big sum of money so I went on a spree which doesn’t happen very often!

So let’s start of with primark, I got some of Gabriella’s new home range as I fell in love with it so thanks to my dad for buying me them.

The first one I got was the PJ set which is so cute!, this was £11 and on the top it says the time is meow which is so cute!

Then I got the dressing gown which was £16 it feels so soft, I don’t normally buy dressing gowns but I couldn’t resist this one as its cute!

I then got a pillow and mug, the pillow was £5 and the cup was £2 these are so cute.

I also got a little perfume from primark which is called Cherry Bomb it was only £2 and it smells amazing I wade my expecting it to be as good as it is.

I also got the Gabriella socks which are also cats, these were £2.50 for one pair, if you see her range in your store it’s defiantly worth a look.

The little mix book, I have been wanting this since it came out and since I had the money I decided to get it I’m so excited to read it!

I then got some of Zoellas sweet collection, I got the little bag, body cram and bath an shower milk so excited to use these.

I then got some new clothes which I don’t really buy as I never find any clothes that I like so I was supprised I bought them.

So first I got some new shoes from Shoe Zone as I needed some new boots I love these ones so much!

I then got some jeggings from h & m there just plain black, these are so comfy I would defiantly recommend these.

And the last clothing item is a baggy jumper from select it so soft and doesn’t cling, I want more of these.

I also got some books, the first one is called ill give you the sun I have read a Jandy Nelson book and I loved it.

Then I got some of zoellas book club books, the first one I got is frozen Charlotte I love horror films so I’m hoping I will like this, I then got I was here as this sounds like an amazing book and these were buy one get one half price. 

I also got if I was your girl as it was only £3.99 which I though was a really good price I’m so exited to do some reading.

I got the Ariana yours truly cd which I have been wanting for a while.

I got some DVDs so I got Louise live, me before you and pll season 6.

Thanks so much for reading this post sorry it’s so long, I love you all so much.



My Favourite Foundations 

Hello lovelies,

So today I have decide to review a few of my favourite foundations as I love trying new foundations becuase I think it really sets your whole makeup look and if I have a foundation I love and love the look of it really does make me feel a lot more confident, so let’s get started.

Maybelline Fit Me

At first I didn’t really know what to expect from this but I decide to buy it and give it ago as lots of people told me it’s really good for oily skin which I have, when I applied this it was very easy to blend and didn’t take much effort, it really matches my skin tone and once it was fully applied it made my skin look less oily and more awake and bright if you have oily skin I would recommend giving this a try and I’ve also heard it’s perfect for summer, I would rate this 9/10 and I would re buy it, I got this for £6.

Rimmel Match Perfection

I was very impressed with the coverage of this foundation as its easy to build  up for a full coverage, this foundation made my skin look so good and natural like I hadn’t sepnt any time on it, the colour also matched my skin tone perfectly, it also says it has an invisible coverage which I would defiantly agree with, I only have positive thoughts for this foundation, I would rate this 10/10.

Maybelline Dream Velvet

I really like using this foundation as it gives me a really nice matte finish which looks flawless, I really like the colour of this foundation when it’s been applied as it gives me a natural look and looks like I haven’t spent anytime on my skin when it’s only taken a few minutes to apply, although I love this foundation I do have others I love more but this is a really nice foundation, I’d rate this 8/10. 

Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour

When applied this foundation had no shine to it so I was please to seen it went matte on my skin which I was not expecting, I really like the colour of this foundation on my skin as it makes me look alive in the mornings and the coverage is so good, I’d rate this 10/10.

So there is a few foundations I have been loving recently, it’s also my birthday next week (Thursday) so I will try and do a birthday haul since I’m mostly getting money!

Thanks you for reading


Superdrug Haul

Hello lovelies,

So once again I have been into superdrug and bought a few things, and now I don’t have any money again, I think I have a problem with superdrug, anyway so I have decided to show you what I have bought since lots of people liked my last haul.

Disclaimer: I am not trying to brag or show of in anyway this was all bought with my own money.

So the first thing I have is not from superdrug but it’s a Zoella magazine, since they sell Zoella products in superdrug I decided to include this any way, how amazing does she look on this front cover, it’s so weird seeing her with long hair again though.

The next product I got is the Zoella hand cream Hungry Hands, this is from her Christmas range, I didn’t think I would like this scent but it has grown on me since I’ve had it, also I really like the packaging, this cost me £5.

My friend also kindly have me 2 of the Zoella mini body mists, she gave me Lets Spritz which I have had before its my favourite, she also gave me the new one Bake My Day.

Then I got a Tanya Burr eye shadow palette and this is Birthday Suit, I have some other Tanya eye shadows so I decide to get this one as I really liked the colours and I have used this a few times and I love and this was £6.

I also got the Tanya Burr Baby It’s Cold Outside, this is from her Christmas range and inside you get a lipgloss, blusher and a highlighter and I have used this and I love it, I will review it in a different blog post, this cost me £10.

Then I got some new foundations, so the first one is the Rimmel Match Perfection, I have recently been loving Rimmel foundations so I decide to get another one and I am so excited to try this.

The I got the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, I have been wanting this for a while so since it was 2 for £12 I decide to pick it up, this will also be included in a review at some point.

I then decided to get a new mascara as I haven’t bought one in a while, this is the Bourjois volume reveal, I saw this advertised on TV and I though it looked really good so I decided I would give it a try, it also has a mirror on the other side.

I have recently been loving red lipsticks so it was no supprise when I decide to get 3 of them this month.

The first one is by Rimmel in the shade 51 Muse Red, I love Rimmel lipsticks so I of course had to buy one in the shade red.

I then got 2 Makeup Revolution lipsticks, I have never had lipsticks from this company before and the only cost me £1 each, the shades are Lady and Atomic Ruby.

The last few things I got were theses makeup brushes by studio, I never by brushes but I liked the look of them and the brush set was £5 and the eye brushes were £3.

Thank you so much for reading this blog post 

Love KimmsBeauty 

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September Favourites

Hello lovelies,

So it’s that time of month again for my montly favourites, so I hope you enjoy reading.

My first favourite is gossip girl, I recently got season 3 and I can’t stop watching it, I remember when I first ever started watching this I didn’t really like it but the more I watched the more addicted I became and now I love it, it’s one of my favourite TV shows ever.

My next favourite is this Rimmel lipstick in the shade 22, I have been loving a red lipstick these past few weeks and this one is really easy to apply it also lasts a really long time even when you eat and drink, I love Rimmel lipsticks.

This is my Little Mix body mist, it smells amazing I love it so much it’s my new favourite body mist, the scent also lasts all day.

My next favourite is this MUA eye shadow palette, this is the hall of fame palette that contains 12 popular eyesahdows, I love these so much, it’s so easy to blend as well as them been really pigmented and the colour lasts all day and I don’t use an eye primer.

My next favourite are these dream dots that were kindly sent to me to review, I had a really bad break out this month so I put these on over night and in the morning the size of the spot had reduced every quickly, I would recommend these so anyone and I will be buying some more if I need them.

My favourite song for this month is by Niall Horan this town, I love his voice so much and I’m so excited to see what he brings out next.

Thank you so much for reading this blog post and I hope you really enjoyed it.



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