Everyday Makeup Routine 

Hello lovelies, 

Firstly thank you for nearly 30 followers that’s crazy since I just post things about makeup expecting nothing to come from this account, all your continued support means the world to me.

So today’s blog post is my every day makeup routine, I did a summer makeup routine a few months back but since then it has changed a bit so I have decided to do an updated version for you all.

So the first thing I use is my Nivea primer, I’ve had this a while so I can’t remember the price but I did get it in superdrug, this just makes my face a lot better to apply my foundation and I’ve also noticed that it reduces the oil in my skin so my foundation doesn’t look shiny.

I then use the Rimmel lasting finish foundation, now in a pervious blog post I said I didn’t really like this product but it has grown on me a lot and gives me a really natural look. 

Then I use the Maybelline eye earaser, I recently used my old one up so I had to re purchase this item as its my favourite, it covers all my dark circles that I don’t want.

Since I don’t have any problems with my skin I just normally go straight for a powder, this is my NYC one in the shade transparent and it just gives me a nice hold and finished look.
The I will use my triple baked bronzer by I Heart Makeup, this was in my summer makeup routine, I use this to stop me looking so pale, the pigment on this is amazing I love it.

Then I will do my eyebrows, for this I use the I Heart Makeup kit, sorry that this is so messy but as you can see I love this product, it’s so easy to apply and I really like these colours. 

For eyesahdow I use the Naked 3 palette and I use the shade mug shot the most, these colours are so pigmented I’m so happy I got this palette as its amazing.

Then I will use my Barry M makeup setting spray, I love this as its dries matte and it helps hold my makeup in place all day.

For mascara I use the Loreal false lash sculpt this gives me so much volume I just love it, it’s amazing I can’t fault it at all.

And last for lipstick I use the Mac velvet teddy lipstick, I love this so much, it’s such a nice colour and it stays in even when I eat and drink.

And this is the finished look

I am not an expert in makeup but o really like the finished result of this makeup.

So that is my every day makeup rountine, I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you next Sunday with another post.



Collective Haul 

Hello lovelies, 

So this weeks post is going to be a collective haul, I mostly do reviews on here so I’m going to try and do more different things so if you have any blog ideas then let me know. 

Disclaimer: I am not trying to brag or show of In anyway 

So th first product I bought was the maybelline fit me foundation, I have been wanting this for a while so I finally decided to pick it up, I got it from asda and it was only £4, I have used it a few times and I really like it.

Then I got the new maybelline eye shadow palette and this is the rock nudes, when I saw these colours I just knew I had to get it as I think I will get a lot of use out of this in winter and this was £9.99 from superdrug.

Then I got a Tanya burr nail varnish as I love Tanya’s range so much, this is in the shade frosting cupcakes, I haven’t tried this yet but I have some of her other nail polishes and I love them, this cost me £0.99 from superdrug which is so cheap!.

I also decided to get another foundation and this is the ideal faawless by Avon, I’ve tried Avon lipsticks before and I really liked them so I decided to pick a foundation and I can’t wait to try this product out, this cost me £4.50.

I got sent these dream dots to try out, I haven’t tried them yet but they cleans and dry the effected areas of your spots so when I have a bad break out I will be reaching for these.

I love little mix so I had to get the wish maker body mist, I really want to get the perfume as well but I love this bottle so much and it was £10 for superdrug.

I love getting magazines so much so I got the October galmour magazine as it was only £1 plus glamour is my favourite monthly magazine.

I got one of Tanya burrs Christmas gift sets as I love them so I went for the beautifully defined one, inside you get a liquid highlighter, powder highlighter, bronzer and eyeshaodws it’s so pretty I am in love with this, this cost me £11 from superdrug.

And the last thing and the best thing is the naked 3 palette, I have been wanting one of these palettes for ages but I’ve never saved up enough money but this time I did, I am in love with the colours and I really want to get more urban decay palettes now but I’m not sure which to get next, this cost me £38.50 and that’s the most I have ever spent on a makeup product.
I hope you all enjoyed reading this little haul, if you want to see a review on any of these products then just let me know.

I hope you all have an amazing week and thanks so much for reading.