4 Things I Love

Hello beauty’s,

So instead of doing a favourites post every month, I’m going to do a new series where I talk about 5 things I have been loving.

The first thing I have been loving is a necklace. My boyfriend bought me this for my birthday last year, and I love it. It’s so pretty, I normally don’t like jewellery but I love this and will treasure it forever.

My next favourite is Matt Terrys album. Since he was on xfactor I really like him, so when his album came out I thought it was worth a listen. It was defiantly worth the money, all the songs are so catchy and his voice is amazing. My favourite songs are, The thing about love and Sucker for you.

My next favourites are some makeup brushes. I am seriously in love with these, they are so soft and so good for applying makeup. These are the fantasy brushes from Superdrug and they are perfect.

The last thing I have been loving recently is scrapbooking. I just think it’s a great way to spend spare time, and you get to look back at all the good memories, my goal this year is to take more picture I can look back on next year.

Thank you so much for reading



My Favourite Eyeshadow Palettes-Blogmas Day 12

Hello beauty’s,

Welcome back to my blog, today is another makeup post. Today I am going to be talking about my favourite Eyeshadow palettes that I always reach for.

Revolution Redemption Iconic 1

So this palette I bought from Superdrug and it actually didn’t cost me much. It’s was £4 which is so good for a palette. Most of the colours are shimmery so if you don’t like that then this one isn’t for you. I really love all the gold and pink colours in this palette. Surprisingly this palette actually has a lot of pigment, it’s not the best I own but it’s not the worst. I would definitely recommend this palette for an every day use.

Naked 3

This has to be one of the best things I have ever spent money on. I had wanted one of these for ages until I finally decided to get one and I love it. It’s has a few matte shades but most of them are shimmery. These colours are so pigmented I love it. They are so easy to blend to create an amazing eye look. It has lots of colours to play around with and create all sorts of Eye looks. I would definitely recommend this eye shadow palette and I will always love it.

Revolution Flawless 3 Resurrection

This has to be the best drug store Eyeshadow palette I have ever bought. So inside you get a big mirror which comes in handy, I can take this palette out with me and have a mirror to do my makeup which I love. So inside you get a lot of colours, most of them are warm colours. Unlike the other ones you get more matte colours in this one. These colours are so pigmented I love them!, they blend together beautifully. This palette is something I will always love. I can’t fault this palette at all, I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

So they are my favourite palettes I always reach for, I hope you enjoyed this post. And I will see you again tomorrow!


My 3 Favourite Tanya Burr Products- Blogmas Day 4

Hello beauty’s,

Welcome back to my blogmas posts. Today I am going to be talking about my 3 favourite Tanya Burr Products.

Blackberry Coulis Lip Balm

I actually did a review on this a while ago but i have to talk about it again, I just love it that much. So firstly I love the packaging on it, it’s so pretty and looks well made. The actual product it’s self smells so good. The lip balm always makes my lips feel so nourished and soft. If you are looking for a good smelling and amazing lip balm I would definitely recommend this one.

My Paradise Eye Shadow

I have always loved Tanya’s eye shadows. But this one is definitely my favourite of them all. The packaging is super cute and girly, you also get a little mirror inside. The colours are so easy to blend together to create an amazing eye look. They also have a lot of pigment which I wasn’t expecting at first, in some of the palettes you do have to build the colour up. But for an everyday palette this is perfect.

Pink Coco Lipstick

I love this lipstick so much, it is my go to lipstick that I can’t get enough of. It’s the perfect shade of nude which I love. The only thing I don’t like it the packaging scratches very easily but that doesn’t affect the actual lipstick. Applying the lipstick is a dream, it just glides on which not much effort. The colour stays in when you eat and drink and does not fade. It’s very pigmented and very moisturising I could wear it for hours and it would still feel good on my lips. I would definitely recommend this lipstick.

That’s it for my favourites today, I really hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you again tomorrow.




My Favourite Christmas Films- Blogmas Day 2

Hello beauty’s,

Today I am going to talk about my favourite Christmas films that I watch every year without fail.

  • Harry Potter- I wouldn’t class this as a Christmas film but I always seem to watch it more around Christmas time. I haven’t actually always lived Harry Potter, I used to hate it. It was my mum who got me really into it.
  • Home Alone- I watch Home Alone every year without fail, if I didn’t watch it, it wouldn’t really be Christmas for me. It’s definitely a film I will always love no matter how old I am.
  • Arthur Christmas- Now this film is different because it’s a cartoon Christmas film. This film is about Santa who forgets to deliver a present, so Arthur decides no one should miss out on a present, so he try’s to deliver it himself.
  • Jack Frost- This has been a favourite of mine for many years. It would feel weird if I didn’t watch it every year. Jack Frost is about a dad who gets one last chance in life so of course he takes it. But one night driving home he swerves on an icy road and comes back as a snowman.
  • The Holiday- I love this film to bits, it’s definitely one I will watch forever. Iris and Amanda two woman who couldn’t be more different. One lives in England and the other on a Hollywood estate. In desperate need they switch homes. It’s such a good film you should definitely watch it.

So that’s it for my favourite Christmas films, let me know what your favourite Christmas film is.



October Favourites 2017

Hello beauty’s,

Welcome back to my blog!

So October is over and Christmas is getting even closer. I thought it would be nice to do a favourites blog post. I don’t do them every month but I do have a few favourites this month. So I thought I would share them with you.

My first favourite is my new dress. I bought it from Select and it’s not something I would normally go for. But I am so happy and in love with it, it’s so pretty.

My next favourite is the Little Mix Glory Days album. I have not stoped listening to this since it came out, I am obsessed. But getting to see them live has made me love it even more, definitely one of my favourite albums of this year.

I have been loving the beautiful necklace my boyfriend got me. I am so in love with it, it’s perfect in every single way.

I love the Tanya’s Christmas book, it has gotten me so excited for Christmas. I am so happy I bought a signed version as well. The recipes look so good, I’m going to definitely try and re create some of them.

I actually only have one makeup favourite which is weird for me. I have been loving the Master Blush by Maybelline. The colours are so pretty and pigmented and you even get some highlights in this. I will definitely be getting a lot of use from this palette.

That’s it for my favourite things this month, I have been saving up all my money so I didn’t buy much this month. But I just had to talk about these things.

Thank you so much for reading



My 22nd Birthday!

Hello beauty’s,

I hope you are all well.

So on Friday the 27th October I turned 22, and I had an amazing day. So I thought I would blog about it so I can always look back on it.

So a week before my Birthday my best friend had a party for me. It was so much fun, she even got me a cake and decorated her house.

On my actual birthday my Boyfriend got me a McDonald’s breakfast and drove me to work.

He got me a beautiful Rose Gold Necklace and the new Little Mix perfume which I am in love with.

For my other presents from family I mainly got money as I’m going to Meadowhall next month for a big shopping spree.

My day was spent some of it working, even my boss gave me a card and some extra money.

It was the best birthday I have ever had. It was filled with so much love and happiness and I will remember it forever.

The day after my Birthday I went to see Little Mix live. But I will talk about that in another post.

I just want to say a massive thank you to my friends and family for making my day special.

Have a great day



Maybelline Eyeshadow Palettes

Hello beauty’s,

Welcome back to my blog, today I am going to be talking about some eyeshadow palettes by Maybelline.

I have 4 different ones to talk about so let’s get started.

The Rock Nudes

This is the perfect palette for darker days. These aren’t colours I normally go for but it’s always good to have them in your collection. So they come with 12 different shades. I won’t lie, this one isn’t my favourite, not because it’s bad it’s actually really good. I love how the colours always look once applied.

The Graffiti Nudes

I just want to talk about these amazing colours, they are so pretty!. These colours are definitely more my style. The colours aren’t as big as they aren’t in the other palettes for some reason. There is a few matte shades but not that many. These colours are so easy to blend, it barley takes any effort. I feel like these colours are perfect for any party look.

The 24 Karate Nudes

This palette has so many different colours to get creative with. What I love about these palettes is how pigmented the colours are. For me they just work so well. They might not be the be the best palettes you can buy but I still love them. This palette I will never get bored of. The colours bend together beautifully.

The Blushed Nudes

This hands down is my favourite palette of them all. These are the colours that I love the most. I wore this palette in summer nearly everyday. These colours are just so pigmented and easy to blend that I pretty much always reach for this palette. Again this palette only has a few mattes so if you don’t like shimmers I wouldn’t recommend these. But I love shimmers and mattes so that doesn’t bother me.

These palettes are perfect for a quick but beautiful look, I do wear these for work and the colours actually stay pigmented for a while without eye primer.

Thank you so much for reading.