Maybelline Eyeshadow Palettes

Hello beauty’s,

Welcome back to my blog, today I am going to be talking about some eyeshadow palettes by Maybelline.

I have 4 different ones to talk about so let’s get started.

The Rock Nudes

This is the perfect palette for darker days. These aren’t colours I normally go for but it’s always good to have them in your collection. So they come with 12 different shades. I won’t lie, this one isn’t my favourite, not because it’s bad it’s actually really good. I love how the colours always look once applied.

The Graffiti Nudes

I just want to talk about these amazing colours, they are so pretty!. These colours are definitely more my style. The colours aren’t as big as they aren’t in the other palettes for some reason. There is a few matte shades but not that many. These colours are so easy to blend, it barley takes any effort. I feel like these colours are perfect for any party look.

The 24 Karate Nudes

This palette has so many different colours to get creative with. What I love about these palettes is how pigmented the colours are. For me they just work so well. They might not be the be the best palettes you can buy but I still love them. This palette I will never get bored of. The colours bend together beautifully.

The Blushed Nudes

This hands down is my favourite palette of them all. These are the colours that I love the most. I wore this palette in summer nearly everyday. These colours are just so pigmented and easy to blend that I pretty much always reach for this palette. Again this palette only has a few mattes so if you don’t like shimmers I wouldn’t recommend these. But I love shimmers and mattes so that doesn’t bother me.

These palettes are perfect for a quick but beautiful look, I do wear these for work and the colours actually stay pigmented for a while without eye primer.

Thank you so much for reading.



Red Lipsticks

Hello beauty’s,

Welcome back to another blog post. So around this time of year I always love a good Red lipstick. I actually did a post like this last year.

But I have some different Red lipsticks I just have to talk about.

I didn’t wear much makeup in Summer so now it’s Winter I will be doing more makeup reviews. And let’s get started with the post.

Jeffree Star – Masochist

For a while I have wanted a Jeffree Liquid Lipstick. And now I finally have one and I am so happy about it. I actually really like the packaging on this product because it’s pink. What I love about the applicator is you don’t have a lot of product going onto your lips at once. It is very easy to apply, it just glides on which I love. Once on your lips it actually dries quiet quickly which is always a good thing. After a while this product can be a bit drying but if you put lip balm underneath it stops that. The colour actually stayed on for a really long time even when eating and drinking. I would definitely recommend buying this.

Makeup Revolution- Lady

Now I am surprised this lipstick is in my favourites as it only cost me £1, but I really love it. I don’t really like the packaging on this but for the price of it I can’t go wrong. The colour is beautiful and is actually very pigmented. The only thing I don’t really like about this product is as soon as you eat or drink anything the colour comes of a lot. So you do need to re apply the colour constantly in the day which can be really annoying but I just love the colour and the lipstick so I don’t mind doing it.

Rimmel Kate- 51 Muse Red

I have always been a big fan of Rimmel lipsticks so it’s no surprise one is included in this post. The packaging is so nice. I love this colour as it’s a true Red with shimmer which looks amazing. Applying this lipstick is like a dream it’s so easy and it just glides on, it takes no effort at all. The colour is very pigmented which I love. The colour is amazing at lasting throughout the day, it hardly ever needs a touch up so you don’t have to spend a lot of time making sure it looks good.

Max Factor – Scarlet Ghost

I went through a stage of loving MaxFactor lipsticks but I still have one that I love a lot. Its not a true red colour like I normally go for but I still love it. The packaging is ok but it does scratch quiet easily which is annoying. The lipstick it’s self applies really well and doesn’t take much effort. The colour is amazing once it’s applied. The colour lasts through eating and drinking which is always a really good thing, I wouldn’t change anything about this lipstick.

So these are a few of my favourite Red lipsticks I love.

Thank you all so much for your amazing support.


August Favourites 2017

Hello beauty’s,

I hope you are all well, today I have decided to do another monthly favourites. I just love writing them so much and you seem to love reading them. So why not do another one for the month of August.

So the first thing I have been loving is a bear. Now my boyfriend bought me this but it’s so cute and soft.

The Soap and Glory moisture location has to be one of the best body locations I have ever used. This smell so good, it has Shea Butter, Orange Juice Water and Almond. This makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated and it smells amazing. I love everything about this product and will definitely be buying more.

The Eye Eraser by Maybelline has to be one of my favourite makeup products of all time. This concealer cover up my dark circles perfectly which is why I love it so much. I have mine in the shade light but it is still a little dark for me, once it’s all blended out it looks fine.

I have also been loving a mascara by Maybelline. The Colossal Big Shot has to be one of my favourite mascaras by Maybelline. This is a volume mascara and I can confirm it gave my lashes so much volume it was crazy, the brush also separated my lashes perfectly so it didn’t look clumpy like some mascaras do.

I have never been that good at contour but I had to try the Rimmel Duo Contour Stick. I don’t own any other products like this but I am so glad I bought this one.

It’s so easy to apply and when blending it didn’t rub of my foundation like I thought it would and a little product actually goes a long way, I would definitely re buy this.

What have you been loving this month?

Thank you so much for reading!



July Favourites 2017

Hello Beauty's,

So it has been a while since I did a Favourites blog post so I thought it would be fun to do one.

My first favourite is actually a TV show Gilmore Girls, it's about a mum and daughter their life's through the good times and bad times, I have seen this series so much and I still never get bored of it.

So I have been loving the Tanya Burr My Paradise palette, now I did review this before but I am still loving it, the colours are just so amazing and so pigmented for the price of £5.99 I love them.

Another makeup favourite is the MUA Highlighter in the shade Rosewood Glimmer, now these only cost £3 and it's so worth the money, it's so pretty and so pigmented I can't believe it's only £3, this colour looks so pretty on I can't fault it, I want more of them in different shades!

My next favourite is a foundation by Rimmel, Fresher Skin Foundation, this has such a lovely natural finish and the colour matches my skin tone perfectly, it's so easy to blend and the finished look is amazing.

My next Favourites are 2 phone cases, I love them so much and they didn't even cost a lot, please tell me I'm not the only one to get enjoyment out of phone cases.

Then I have these pretty shoes from Primark, I've never been that into clothes and shoes until this year really, starting to like thinks I never used to and these sparkly pink shoes are so cute, I'm definitely going to get a lot of use out of these, they only cost £4!

And my last favourite is also from Primark and it's this little Tinker-bell purse it's just so cute and I think it was about £3.

What have you been loving in July?

Thanks so much for reading everyone


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April Favourites 2017

Hello lovelies,

So I haven’t done a Favourites in a while so since I have been loving a few things this month I thought it would be fun to share them with you, also thank you for 170 that really blows my mind.

So my first favourite is something I can’t show you and that’s Netflix I’m a bit late to get it as I have only just got a home internet connection back but I’m obsessed with it.

My next favourite is primark candles, these smell amazing and last a really long time and they only cost £1 which is so good.

My next favourite is the Naked 3 palette I sort of went of this a little bit and didn’t use it but I’ve recently started using it again and I love it the colours are so pretty and pigmented I’m not sure why I didn’t use it for a while!

I have been loving Arianas album I’m so excited to see her on may 22nd, I couldn’t afford my ticket but I really wanted to go so my friend Kimmy has paid for me to go I’m so happy, she’s such a good friend! 

I have also been loving my bag that I got from primark a few days ago it’s so pretty and only cost me £12!

So that’s it for today’s post, let me know what you have been loving in the comments and I will see you again on Monday with a new blog post!

Love KimmsBeautyy 

My Favourite Films

Hello everyone,

So for me there’s nothing better then watching a film after a long day, so I thought today we would talk about my favourite films as I have never done a post about films before! 

So we shall start of with A Street Cat Named Bob, I was so excited when this film came out as I love cats since I own 2 myself, so I got my DVD from Asda and I also got the book for free which I am very happy about, I don’t want to give the film away I case you haven’t seen it and I hate it when people give the whole plot away, James has just got his own place to live and a cat finds him and they become very attached to each other and the cat really changed his life, this is such a cute film that I really enjoyed watching. 

My next favourite is 50 First Dates, I bought this a few weeks back as I thought it sounded really good, this film is about Henry who lives in Hawaii enjoying the company of countless beautiful women with no strings attached until he meets Lucy, they hit it of from the word go, but Lucy has short time memory loss and fails to remember Henry the next day. This is such a good film, I enjoyed every minute of it and it’s now on my list of favourites.

The next film is If I Stay, I love this film so much and I loved Chloe Grace in this so much, Mia is a gifted musician with a bright future and an adoring boyfriend but after a tragic accident everything changes for Mia in the blink of an eye she finds her self between life and death, this is an amazing film I could re watch and not get bored of it.

So the next film is The Lucky One this film is based on a Nicholas Sparks film. After three tours on duty in Iraq Us Marine Logan goes in search of the unknown woman whose photo he beloved was his good luck charm during the war, I tells enjoyed watching this film and finding out what happens, I have never read a book by Nicholas Sparks before but this film left a good impression.

Another film based on a book by Nicholas Sparks is Safe Haven, I loved how easy it was to connect to theses characters I was so sad when it finished as I just wanted to watch more. When a mysterious beautiful woman called Katie moves to Southport Nort Carolina, she sparks the interest of the locals especially Alex a handsome widower, although Katie is attracted to Alex she is reluctant to trust him until her new friends convinces her to give Ales a chance, if you haven’t seen this movie I highly recommend it.

I love Julia Roberts so much, I have so many films that’s she’s in that i love but if I included them all in this blog post it would be very long so I managed to pick 1 out that is my all time favourite film, and that is Pretty Woman my mum suggested that I watch this film and I am very happy she did. She meets a no nonsense billionaire , it’s a chance encounter that turns a week long business arrangement into a timeless rags to riches romance, if you haven’t seen this film then you need to it’s amazing.

And the last film I’m going to talk about is one I have loved for a really long time now, The Fault In Our Stars when this first came out I went to cinema to see it, after reading and loving the book I had to see the film, I’m pretty sure nearly everyone has a least read the book or watched the film and I still love it now, Hazel and Gus share a sarcastic sense of humour, and a love that will sweep them onto a journey that they and you will never forget, I don’t think I will ever get bor d of this film.

So there’s a few of my favourite films, I have a lot more favourites so I may do a part 2 in the next few months if you like this one.

QOTD: What’s your favourite film?

Thank you so much for reading.


January Favourites 2017

Hello everyone,

I can’t believe it’s already time to talk about what I have been loving in January that’s crazy time has gone so fast!, I hope you all had a great month.

So today we are going to start of with no makeup products, so the first thing I have been loving is my new pet so I recently bought a Guinea Pig as someone who as selling him as they didn’t want him so I decided to buy him, he’s so cute I have named him Harry and he’s just adorable.

My next favourite is the TV series One Tree Hill, I used to watch this years ago so I decided to buy some of the seasons and I have been watching this none stop I forgot how much I loved it.

The next product is by Zoella and it’s the  Bake My Day mist, my friend gave me this mini one as she didn’t really like it, this is basically ginger bread in a bottle, at first I was unsure about it but now I love it I wish they sold this all year around as it’s so good.

I also have been loving another perfume this month and it’s the Wishmaker by Little Mix, this smells amazing I am so bad at describing scents so I’m not even going to tempt but it’s amazing and you should definitely check it out.

Now onto makeup favourites, the first one is by Tanya Burr and it’s the Rosy Flush cheek palette I love this I use it every day without fail as you can tell I have used the bronzer the most as I really like how it applies and how the colour looks once it’s all blended it looks so natural and gives me a nice pop of colour which I need, I’ve only just started using the highlighter but I love how easy it is to blend and the amazing glow it gives me.

My next makeup favourite is by Maybelline and it’s the Dream Velvet foundation, I really like this foundation I find it really easy to apply and it blends really well, I also like how matte it is and how it feels once applied, it doesn’t feel really heavy like some other foundations have I would definitely re buy this product. 

The next product is also by Maybelline and it’s the 24k Nudes palette which my friend bought me, the colours are amazing I am in love with it, it’s so easy to create amazing eye looks with this palette, the colours are also very pigmented I love this palette so much I will be getting a lot of use out of. 

The next product I have talked about so I won’t go on about it, but it’s the Essence Mattifying Compact Powder and it’s such a good product.

And the last product is a mascara by Maybelline it’s the Push Up Angel this mascara is so good, it gives me so much volume and length, the brush separates my lashes so well so it doesn’t look clumpy it’s amazing I use this every day.

So that is what I have been loving this month, thank you so much for reading.