Maybelline Review

Hello everyone, I am so sorry for not posting in ages, now I am back I will be posting weekly and I hope this blog turns out good, so todays post is going to be about my 3 favourite Maybelline products I have been loving and I feel like I need to tell you about them so lets get started .




So we shall start of with the Maybelline dream velvet foundation, when I fist saw this on the stand in Superdrug I was not sure if I should purchase it or not as I hadn’t really seen or heard much about it yet and I have never had a Maybelline foundation before, but I did decided to take a risk with it and I am so glad I did, is one of my favourite foundations.

The first thing I noticed is the way it blended into my skin perfectly it didn’t take me long to make my face look like I had spent a lot of time applying it, when in reality it took me 5 minutes to apply it, I also really like how matte it is, I have quite oily  skin which sometimes  look shiny but this foundation didn’t and I love that, I am not sure of price but its worth going into your local drug store and checking it out as its one of the best face products I have ever had and I would recommend it to anyone.



The blushed nude palette is my favorite eyeshadow palette I own, it has so many pretty colours to choose from, they are pinks to golds, I think it’s a perfect palette for summer and spring but it also does have a dark colour. These are so easy to blend together and they are really pigmented. I also love the fact that the palette can easily fit into my makeup bag so I can carry it around and show it to my friends, I also really like the packaging on tis product.

This cost me £10 from superdrug and its so worth the money, I know I am going to get a lot of use of out this palette.


The falsies push up drama mascara, after buying this mascara I have seen it on the tv a lot and I have seen many people on instagram post about how good it is, the fist thing that’s caught my attention with this product was the packaging as its red on the top and pink on the bottom, I just really liked that.

This is one of my favourite mascaras ever bought as it makes my lashes pop out which I love, it makes them look biggr and gives me lots of length and volume which i love.

I hope you liked this little product review, I hope to do more posts like this and I will be posting again in the next week, thanks so much for reading lovelies