Super Hydrating De Tiring Mask

Hello beautys,

After taking a well needed break from blogging I am back now and I from now on going to have a sechdual, so every Saturday I will be posting a new posts.

Today I am reviewing a Garnier Skinactive Tissue Mask. So this is the Super Hydrating De-Tiring mask, after using this mask your skin is meant to be instantly rehydrated, your skin will look smoother and your skin will look like as if it’s been rested.

This mask has lavender essential oil and hyaluronic acid, once its applied on your skin it diffuses it’s De-Tiring and hydrating benefits onto the skin.

After I took this mask of my skin felt to hydrated and clean, I loved it. My skin definitely looks a lot smoother and better, I can’t fault this product at all, it did exactly what it said on the packet. This mask has definitely made an improvement to my skin, I will be buying another one of these.

Love Kimmsbeautyy


4 Things I Love

Hello beautys,

Hope you all having a really good week. Today I am going to be talking about 4 things I am loving right now. I love writing theses posts and they always seem to get a good response so lets get started.

The first thing I love is my really big teddy. My boyfriend recently bought me a big massive teddy and it’s so cute. It’s nearly as big as me.

My next favourite is a body mist I have been loving, it’s my favourite ever body mist. It’s by Body Fantasies Cottan Candy, it’s smells so good but if you don’t like strong sweet smells then this probably isn’t for you.

I have also recently fallen in love with a shower gel, which is no shock if you know me, I probably own to many shower gels but this one is definitely my favourite. It’s by Carex and it’s Unicorn Magic it’s also suitable for all skin types which is really good. To me it’s smells like sweets with a small hint of lavender, a little bit of this product goes a long way so you can get a lot of use out of it. I would definitely recommend this product.

My last favourite I can’t actually take a picture of but I have loved watching Friday Night Dinner recently. My boyfriend got me into watching it and I don’t regret it, it’s funny and makes me some every time I watch it.

What blog posts would you like to see in future from me?


Pure Charcoal Black Tissue Mask Review

Hello beautys,

Welcome back to my blog, I have been so busy with work recently I haven’t had time to write any blog posts, but I have made time to try and review a face mask.

This is the Garnier Pure Charcoal Black Tissue Mask, this makes purifies and hydrates your skin and tightens your pores. I have been wanting to try this mask for a while and I’m so excited to see what benefits it will have for my skin.

When trying to apply the mask it was very awkward as it is very wet and slippery and not nice. When the mask is one it also looks quiet scary.

Now I have to leave the mask on for 15 minutes.

This mask has definitely hydrated my skin and made it look and feel softer, I am impressed, my skin aslo feels tighter which feels good. This mask definitely does what it says. For £3 I can’t fault this mask, I just wish it was a bit easier to apply as it was very difficult because of how wet it was. I will be buying another one of these face masks.

Thanks for reading


The Greatest Showman Review

Hello beautys,

Thank you for all the amazing support on my blog recently, it makes me smile so much.

Today I am going to be reviewing the Greatest Showman dvd. Since this fist came out in cinemas I have loved it, I have nothing bad to say about it at all. It’s one of the best films I have ever seen and even my boyfriend loves it.

The film starts Hugh Jackman and an all start cast. Inspired by the story of PT Barnum and celebrating the birth of show business.

I can’t fault the film at all, I love all the songs and they story line is amazing. It also has the perfect cast who all play the roles amazingly. If you haven’t seen this yet you are definitely missing out on something great. My favourite song is This Is Me I can just relate to it so much.

I definitely recommend giving this film a watch if you haven’t already.


I Heart Makeup Highlighter Review

Hello beautys,

Welcome back to my blog, I haven’t done a makeup review in ages. That’s because I hardly find time to wear makeup these days, I don’t like wearing it to work at at weekends in with my boyfriend, I am finally confident in my own skin.

Unicrons Heart

I bought this highlighter in superdrug and just fell in love with how pretty the colours are. I don’t own a highlighter with these colours so I just had to have it. After using it a few time I am impressed, it’s not my favourite highlighter I have ever used but for the price it’s very good. The pigment is so good and you don’t need a lot of product on to make it stand out. If your brave with colours in makeup you will definitely love this, I just think I need to be a bit braver when applying diffent colours in makeup.

Dragons Heart

This highlighter is one of my all time favourites, for £5 I can’t fault it at all. This one has beautiful pink and golden colours in which are definitely more my style. It’s so easy to apply it takes no effort at all and again the pigment is so good, you don’t need much product on your brush to make an impact. Once applied it looks so good and has that perfect pop to finish of your makeup look, it’s a product I would definitely recommend.

I really want to start getting back into my makeup reviews so keep your eyes out for more coming up in the next few weeks.

All my love Kimmsbeautyy

Charcoal Clay Mask Review

Hello beauty’s,

Today me and my boyfriend are back testing another face mask, today we testing Skin Techniques Charcoal Clay Mask.

This mask is for all skin types and it exfoliates, purifies and detoxifies, you leave the mask on for 5-10 minutes and remove with warm water. I bought this mask from B & M for £1 so I’m not sure how good this will actually be.

My Thoughts: So the first thing I’ve noticed about this face mask is it doesn’t smell that good. To be honest this face mask hasn’t had any benefits for my skin, it looked the same and felt the same it had no benefits at all. For £1 I wasn’t expecting that much, but I enjoyed testing it. I also think the packaging is a bit plain and boring. I didn’t like the way it applied, it was very watery and needed a lot of product to get a decent amount on.

My Boyfriends Thoughts: Well what can I say about this mask, when Kim first showed me this mask I thought it was acrylic paint. The packaging is so dull and does not look very appealing, when we were applying the mask it also smelt like paint. I didn’t really want to put it on my face if I’m honest, not a lot bothers me being an engineer as I am always covered in all sorts but this was horrible. It went on ok but it dried weird, one good thing is it did come of easy but it hasn’t made any difference to my skin at all.

What face mask shall we try next?

Love Kimmsbeautyy

Still Me JoJo Moyes

Hello beauty’s,

So I have recently read JoJo Moyes Still Me, it’s the third book in the Me Before You series.

This book is so good, I loved everything about it and fell in love with all the charters again. It’s defiantly a book I would re read over and over and never get bored of it. Once I started this book I couldn’t put it down, it grabs you into the story from the first page. It was easy to connect to the story line and it made me feel as if I was watching it all play out right in front of me.

Still Me is about Lou and her new job in New York, she knows her employer is a good man and she knows his wife is keeping a secret from him. But Lou meets josh who looks a bit like Will.

I won’t tell you to much about the book as I don’t want to spoil it for you. But the story is so well written and there was so many things I didn’t expect. I 100% recommend this book, it’s so worth the read.

What’s your favourite book?