All the bright places review

Hello and welcome to my first ever post on here!

Book- All the bright places Jennifer Niven

After finding this book in Tesco and buying it I instantly fell in love, I am always looking for new books to read so I decided to give this one a read as I have never read anything buy Jennifer Niven before.

The thing that fist made me want to read this book was the reviews on the inside of the cover, Book trust left a review saying perfect for fans of Rainbow Rowell and John Green, as they are my favourite writers I though this might be a great book and I was correct.

I don’t want to give the full story line away as it something you should all read but it reminds me a of little of the fault in our stars, so if you loved that book there I also a chance you will fall in love with this book.

The book had me from the first page, I couldn’t put it down, like I said I don’t want to give away the book before you have chance to read it, but its about love, feeling lost and broken.

If you want a happy ending were they all are happy and well at the end this book isn’t for you, but not every story can have a happy ending, and I guess that what I like about this book so much, its real and shows that not everything suddenly gets better in a day.

It also reminds  me that I do have people who love me very much and even though they might not show it does not always mean they don’t care, because when your gone at least one person will notice that your gone and that one person is the most important thing in your life.

The book also taught me if I’m having a bad time in life there is  always someone to listen, you just have to find the courage to speak up and ask for help when you most need it, if you keep things bottled up for to long it will tare away at you until there is nothing left to save.

This is my first ever review so I hope you like it, so now I will tell you a few facts about myself

  1. My name is Kimm
  2. I love all things Makeup, Beauty, Music, Books and Youtube
  3. I really like writing as you can make an impact on someone’s life
  4. I have 5 pets
  5. I want to help people if that’s by talking to them, making videos or with this blog, I don’t mind I want to make people smile when the world is dark.


Thank you so much for taking time out to read this