Tanya Burr Lip Balms

Hello beauty’s,

I hope you are all doing good, so today I am going to be talking about 3 products by Tanya which I have recently bought and love.

So I recently got the new lip balms from Tanya’s new collection, they cost £4.99 each and you can buy them from Superdrug.

So I have Blackberry Coulis, Strawberry Milkshake and Sweet Lime Pie.

Firstly these balms are so nice on the lips, they instantly made my lips feel so much softer and much more hydrated, they also smell incredible!, each one lives up to what it says on the tin, my favourite would have to be the Blackberry one.

I am also in love with the little tins they come in, which probably sounds a bit weird but I am in love with the tins.

If you haven’t tried these I would definitely recommend them, I don’t really use that many lip balms but I can see myself getting a lot of use out of these.

So this was just a quick blog to share with you, I hope you enjoyed reading.



Tanya Burr Review 2

Hello everyone,
So today I have another Tanya review I loved writing and taking pictures for my last one so I thought I would do a second one as I love Tanya Burr, also thank you for all the support lately I love blogging so much, anyway let’s get started.

So firstly we are going to start of wih the Enchanted Dream eyeshadow palette, I love the packaging on this product it’s so cute I really love it. The colours in this palette are so good, these colours are so pigmented which is so good for £6, the colours are also really easy to blend together and once you have applied them the finish looks amazing, the colours last a really long time and I don’t use any eye primer but the colours still last a good few hours I love her eyeshadow palettes so much.

The next product I am going to talk about is one of her Lipsticks this is such a pretty colour the shade is Pink CoCo it’s such a pretty shade that is easy to wear, I love how pigmented these lipsticks are and how easy it is to apply it doesn’t take much effort at all and it doesn’t feel dry on the lips, the colour does fade a little but that’s normally happens when you eat and drink and it doesn’t take long to top up the colour I also have another lipstick in the shade Central Park which is a lovely pink shade which I will get a lot of use out of in summer. 

The next product I am going to to talk about is the Peachy Glow Cheek Palette, for some reason I never buy face products so I was so glad I got this for Christmas, the first thing I noticed was this palette isn’t matte which I wasn’t sure if I would like, firstly I love how easy the bronzer is to blend I just apply it wherever the sun would naturally hit my face, the blusher is such a pretty colour it’s looks so natural and gives me a nice look so I don’t look pale and I don’t normally use a highlighter that often but I do like using this one as it’s easy to blend like I said I don’t use it that much I’ve only recently started buying highlights.

And the last product I’m going to talk about is the Pretty Unstoppable Palette, so inside you get 4 eyeshadows, a blusher and a highlighter and a mini matte lip, this palette has a bit of everything I love about Tanya’s products, I love the eye shadows as they are really easy to blend together to create an amazing eye look, again I don’t use the highlighter that much but I am going to start using it more often soon, I love the blusher in the palette it’s not to bright or to pale it’s the perfect colour that adds colour to my cheeks so I don’t look as pale and the mini matte lip is in the shade Martha Moo which I also have in full size it’s so easy to apply and it doesn’t fade during the day, I won’t lie it can be a bit drying but I just apply a clear lip balm and then it normally feels fine.

So that is it for this review I hope you enjoyed reading it, I really hope she brings out more products soon.

What’s your favourite Tanya Burr product?

Love KimmsBeautyy 

Tanya Burr Review

Hello lovelies,
So I have decide to review of my favourite Tanya Burr products as I just love them so much!

The first one is my Tanya lipstick in the shade Big Kiss which is a lovely red colour I was so happy to see my stores had the red shade in stock as I have been loving red lipsticks, this did not fail, it’s so nice and easy to apply, it also isn’t drying like some lipsticks can be, the colour stay was amazing as well it lasted on my lips for a good amount of hours with eating and drinking and it didn’t need re applying, defiantly want more of these lipsticks.

The next product is from her Christmas range and it’s the Baby Its Cold Outside set, in this you get a bronzer, blusher and a lipgloss, the bronzer in this palette is such an amazing colour it’s so pigmented and gives such a nice look, the highlighter is such a pretty colour again and it’s so pigmented I love it, I thought the lipgloss would be really sticky but it isn’t I love wearing with a lipstick.

The next product is one of the matte lips in the shade rhubarb and custard, for me I love matte lipsticks but sometimes they can be quiet drying so before applying this I do use a clear lip balm that helps my lips stayed hydrated, I love the colour and it’s easy to apply when I eat and drink it doesn’t stay on that much but that doesn’t matter as that happens with most lipsticks.

And the last product I am going to talk about is this eyeshadow palette in the shade Birthday Suit, I love eye shadows and this one is amazing, first I love the packaging as its so cute!, you also get a little heart mirror which is cute and then 4 colours, wow these are really pigmented and so natural looking as I don’t like to wear to much eye makeup and this is perfect for what I want.

So there’s my little Tanya burr review, also I want to do a Christmas Q and A so please comment some questions I can put in a blog post, thank you for reading!

Love KimmsBeauty