My Makeup Routine 

Hello lovelies,

As its nearly Christmas I have been using a lot of different makeup so I have decided to update my daily makeup routine 

First I will use my foundation I have recently been using Maybellines dream satin liquid in the shade Ivory, this foundation gives me such a nice healthy look and it matches my skin tone perfectly, it doesn’t take long to blend in and I really like the finished look, this also doesn’t clump on my face like some other foundations do.

I apply my foundation with a makeup sponge I got from primark. 

Then I will use the Rimmel wake me up concealer I put this under my eyes to cover my dark circles and it gives me a wide awake look.

To set my makeup I use this MUA powder in the shade translucent, this only cost me £1 and it’s really good for setting my makeup.  

For bronzer I will take my Rimmel natural bronzer in the shade sun bronze and I will apply this were the sun would normally hit my face such as my checks and forehead, I don’t like to put  lots of bronzer on as it can sometimes make me look a bit orange so I just put a light ammount on and this gives me such a natural looking glow. 

Then I do my eyebrows I have been using a few Essence products, I first use an  eyebrow stencil and  use it to shape my eyebrows as I have never gotten them shaped which I will be getting done soon I hope , I use an essence eyebrow powder and brush and theses are amazing at giving me a nice shape.

For eyeshadow I have been keeping it really simple as I don’t like wearing a lot of eye makeup at once, I have been using this Maybelline 24 colour tattoo in the shade creamy beige, I apply this with my finger and it’s really pigmented and lasts all day which I was not expecting.

For mascara I have been using the Maybelline lash sensational luscious, this is amazing it gives me so much volume to my lashes I am in love with it.

And the last thing I will use is lipstick I have been loving this Rimmel lipstick in the shade 19 as its so easy to apply and I love the colour.

So here is the finished look, I’m not a makeup artist but I like the way this comes out and I still have to practice a bit more with some things but it looks a lot better then it did when I first started wearing makeup. 

Love KimmsBeautyy


Tanya Burr Review

Hello lovelies,
So I have decide to review of my favourite Tanya Burr products as I just love them so much!

The first one is my Tanya lipstick in the shade Big Kiss which is a lovely red colour I was so happy to see my stores had the red shade in stock as I have been loving red lipsticks, this did not fail, it’s so nice and easy to apply, it also isn’t drying like some lipsticks can be, the colour stay was amazing as well it lasted on my lips for a good amount of hours with eating and drinking and it didn’t need re applying, defiantly want more of these lipsticks.

The next product is from her Christmas range and it’s the Baby Its Cold Outside set, in this you get a bronzer, blusher and a lipgloss, the bronzer in this palette is such an amazing colour it’s so pigmented and gives such a nice look, the highlighter is such a pretty colour again and it’s so pigmented I love it, I thought the lipgloss would be really sticky but it isn’t I love wearing with a lipstick.

The next product is one of the matte lips in the shade rhubarb and custard, for me I love matte lipsticks but sometimes they can be quiet drying so before applying this I do use a clear lip balm that helps my lips stayed hydrated, I love the colour and it’s easy to apply when I eat and drink it doesn’t stay on that much but that doesn’t matter as that happens with most lipsticks.

And the last product I am going to talk about is this eyeshadow palette in the shade Birthday Suit, I love eye shadows and this one is amazing, first I love the packaging as its so cute!, you also get a little heart mirror which is cute and then 4 colours, wow these are really pigmented and so natural looking as I don’t like to wear to much eye makeup and this is perfect for what I want.

So there’s my little Tanya burr review, also I want to do a Christmas Q and A so please comment some questions I can put in a blog post, thank you for reading!

Love KimmsBeauty 

Favourite Red Lipsticks 

Hello lovelies,

So since the sun has gone and the rain has come I have been loving and buying lots of red lipsticks, none of them are high end although I would love a Mac red lipstick when I have the money, anyway here is a few lipsticks I have been loving.

So the first one is by Avon and its from the perfect reds collection in the shade Lava Love, this is very easy to apply and it’s such a pretty red colour it’s also not drying the only thing is when you eat and drink it comes of a lot and I have noticed during the day I do have to re apply it as the colour will sometimes fade but other then that I love it.

The next one is also from Avon and this is the perfectly matte I have reviewed this before, this is the shade Ruby Kiss it’s easy to apply, doesn’t come of when eating and drinking and lasts a really long time and it’s such an easy to wear shade.  

The next one is by Rimmel and this is The Only One Lipstick in the shade 810 one of a kind, this is a darker colour so I find it a bit harder to apply then the others but I love the finished look it’s also matte but it isn’t drying like some matte lipsticks are.

This next one is also by Rimmel and this is the Lasting Finish by Kate in the shade 51 Muse red, this one out of them all is the one I reach for the most I just love the shimmer it has to it and how it feels on as its not drying and so easy to wear.

This one is also by Rimmel in the shade 22, as you can tell I love Rimmel lipsticks they are so easy to apply and the colour lasts a really long time and dosent fade that much.

And the last one is by Makeup Revolution in the shade Lady, this one only cost me £1 which is so good, I found this easy to apply and I really liked the colour, it’s not as good as the others in lasting wise but for the price I would say it’s defiantly worth a try.

Thank you so much for reading this post


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My Favourite Perfumes

Hello lovelies, 

So today’s post is going to be on my favourite perfumes as I hardly post any perfumes on my blog!

So the first ones were kindly sent to me by Vidal Lifestyle, they sent me 3 little samples to try so the first one is Vidalls Engaging, this scent is amazing, it’s smells so girly and sutle, I am bad at describing perfumes so I do apologise, but I would defiantly buy a full bottle of this and it doesn’t wear of within an hour of putting on like other perfumes do, the next one is Berry Vanilla wow just wow this is my favourite it’s smells so much like Vanilla it’s crazy id say this is perfect for winter I really want to buy a bigger bottle!, the website is you should deffienaly check them out as they smell amazing!

The next one is a body fantasies spray which I’ve had for a while this is pink grapefruit, I actually did a review on these a while back when I first started my blog, you can buy theses from superdrug and they are not tested on animals, so this one is such a nice fruity smell I used this a lot in summer as its amazing, and can easily fit in your bag.

The next one is a VS mist and this one is mango temptation, as you can tell I like my fruity scents this is amazing it smells so fruity and everything I love in a body mist, it does wear of after a few hours of putting it on but it is a body mist and it is affordable.

The next one is my little mix wish maker this one isn’t fruity but I still love the sutle smell it has to it, it’s not to strong it’s just right this does last all day and I would mainly wear this in Autumn, Winter time.

And the last one is from Avon this is the Perceive oasis this smells of white peony and Cotten musk, I was not expecting it to be that good as it is from Avon but once mine runs out I will be buying another one!

Thanks so much for 40+ followers that means the world to me, thank you so much for reading.