Rimmel Lipsticks 

Hello lovelies,

Firstly thank you for over 80 followers that is crazy and makes me so happy, thank you for following me, reading and liking my posts it really means a lot to me.

Anyway today’s post is going to be on my Rimmel Lipsticks as I just love them a lot. 

So the first one is in the shade 36 and it’s a really nice pink colour, what I love about these lipsticks is the pigment, they never fail to amaze me the colours are always perfect.

The next one is in the shade 22 and this is a lovely classic red colour which is one of my favourites.

This one is the shade 55 my nude, these Lipsticks are so easy to apply and are not drying at all and they range from £5 I think, this one I have used the most as you can tell, once this runs out I will be buying another one.

And the last one I am going to talk about is in the shade 20, this is more of a plum colour which I don’t actually have many of, I loved wearing this lipstick in summer on the really bright days.

I hope you liked this little quick post for the day

Love KimmsBeautyy


7 thoughts on “Rimmel Lipsticks 

  1. That really is the most perfect shade of red, holy moly. I love it! I’m also a huge fan of the one after it, the more natural nude color. If I’m not doing natural (which is 99%) of the time I’m for sure doing a red. Who wouldve thought that rimmel had such great colors! Would love to see them all on!!

    xo, JJ

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