PS.. Get Lippy Review

Hello beauty’s,

So today I am going to be trying and reviewing some lip products from Primark, so these are the Get Lippy Matte Collection and you get a liquid lipstick and a lip liner.

So the frost colour I’m going to be trying is Flutter which is a very nice pink nude. So both the products was a dream to apply they just glided on my lips with ease which I love. It also dried matte in a few seconds and it feels so lightweight on, so far I am loving it but let’s see how it’s lasts during the day. When you eat and drink the colour does come of so you have to reapply it but you do with most lipsticks anyway I am loving this product and the colour I would definitely recommend it.

And the next shade I got was Cookie Dough which is such a beautiful nude colour, again it was so easy to apply, I had no problems with it, the only thing I don’t like is after a while it does feel very drying but if you put lip balm on before it that really helps, I would definitely buy more of these and I will be getting a lot of use of them, for £3 I am very impressed.

Have you ever tried any Primark Makeup? Let me know in the comments.



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  1. ATypicalLife says:

    The packaging looks so professional and they sound so good for primark! Great post, it’d mean a lot if you checked my recent one out too x

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    1. kimmsbeautyy says:

      Thank you, and yes I will check out your post! X


  2. These lippies look great and are so nicely priced!

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    1. kimmsbeautyy says:

      They really are, I just wish they did more colours!

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  3. gingersnapps says:

    I’m going to have to try these out, I love a matte lip and for £3 it’s a steal! X

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    1. kimmsbeautyy says:

      I know !, when I first saw them I didn’t think they would be that good but they actually are!

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