Find Something You Love

Hello lovelies,

So for today I have decided to do another lifestyle post I really like sharing my experiences and hearing about yours as well, so today I’m going to talk about finding something you love.

For years I always thought I wanted to work in Childcare but in reality I didn’t, I actually left college in the end as I was so sad and depressed doing the college course, I felt like I had to do it because I had been studying it for years, it was the only thing I loved doing and about a year and a half ago I built up the courage to leave, it wasent easy I went from college to nothing.

It was scary when I left as I had no plan I just knew if I stayed I was going to make myself ill and I didn’t want that because that’s not me, I started applying for jobs not getting anywhere and it really affected my confidence as I was always at home while my friends were at work or college and it was so hard to believe in me, but then I started my blog and I got some really positive comments and then I found myself a job which I love, it’s only 16 hours a week but it gets me out and I am now so much more confident in myself.

The point in this blog is to say find something that makes you happy because once you do you will feel so much better about everything it may take a while but once you find it, it will be worth it, and nothing good comes easy, I hope you enjoyed this little post for today.

QOTD: What’s one thing your proud of most?



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