Little Life Update

Hello everyone,

So sorry for the lack of posts again, we are currently buying our first house! It’s so exciting but so far it’s been stressful.

For our mortgage to be approved they needed a reference from my work, at first they never received it, then when they did 3 weeks later they kept filling it on wrong. I explained how important it was and they just don’t seem to care, so for 3 weeks they have been trying to fill in a simple form but failing and then telling me it doesn’t matter if we lose the house.

It’s been so stressful and upsetting getting bad news every day.. still not got our mortgage sorted out we are still waiting and god knows if we will ever actually get our house.

I have a week of next month which is the week we were expecting to get the keys but due to all the complaints that probably isn’t going to work out, hoping I can book some days of in December incase we get the keys then .

Once everything is sorted I do want to post more on here I’ve got so many blog post ideas but I’ve had no time to write them.

Thank you for all your support

Love Kimmsbeautyy

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