What I Love About Having A Blog!

Hello everyone, 

So today I’m just going to talk a little bit about blogging.

So I have been blogging for over a year now and it was not easy to start with as my account was based around makeup and makeup only so I had nothing to write about most weeks, now I have started doing none makeup posts it’s helped me by giving me more ideas for blogs which I love, I do still write Makeup Blogs but I haven’t bought any makeup in a while as I have a lot of stuff I don’t use but I want to start using.

So here’s a few things I love about blogging:

  1. Been creative- I love coming up with different posts about anything really I like to get creative and mix my posts up a lot so it doesn’t get boring.
  2. Posting Blogs- I love when it comes to posting a blog post and seeing people love it as it just means all the work you put into pays Of when you see people reading it.
  3. Taking Pictures- I love taking pictures for my blog it’s something I’ve always loved.
  4. Finding other people’s blogs- As much as I love writing I also love reading people’s blog and it’s such a fun way to talk to new people.
  5. Seeing my blog grow- I never expect for my blog to grow but now I’m so happy it has and I’m so glad people actually like it.
  6. Talking to people- I love been able to talk to others about blogging.

So that is just a little lose of the things I love about having a blog, let me know what you love about having a blog! 



10 thoughts on “What I Love About Having A Blog!

  1. Great post!! Im still very new to blogging and have soooo much to learn, but after reading your post Im hopeful that I too will enjoy this blogging journey as well! Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to more posts from you!

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  2. I love blogging and I also love taking photos for my blog, meeting other bloggers, writing content, actually this has all helped in enhancing my creative side. I really like this post and thank you for signing up to follow me.

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