One Love Manchester Experience 

Hello everyone,

So I didn’t upload yesterday so I’m just going to upload 2 blog posts today.

So on Sunday I was very lucky and got to attend the One Love Manchester Concert since I attend Ariana’s concert on the Monday I was aloud to apply for free tickets  and then I also was very lucky to get free travel and I am so great full for that, I was willing to pay for it but I didn’t have to.

Going back to Manchester was very scary for me as we was very close to the Bomb but because we ran away we didn’t see anything but it was still so scary and I got lost in the middle of Manchester not knowing how to get back to our coach, so after all that I was so happy we got to go and be with people who knew how I was feeling.

There’s not one act I didn’t enjoy it’s a night I will never forget and to the people who managed to set all of it up in a small amount of time I have so much respect for them.

To see everyone having a good time after all the bad events was so nice I honestly can’t say thank you enough, seeing my friend so sad after that night and getting to see her been so happy meant a lot to me.

I also bought a Tshirt and a badge and to whoever went as well I hope you all had an amazing night, I love you all so much.



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