Oli White Book Review 

Hello beautiful followers,

So today I am going to be doing a review on Oli Whites books because I love reading and well why not?

So Oli has 2 books which are Generation Next and The Take Over which I love to pieces I don’t actually have a favourite out of them I love them both the same as they are amazing. 

Generation Next is about Jack who switches school and meets a new group of friends, together they create Generation Next an incredible new social media platform which grew by hundrands over night but some out there is determined to trip Jack up at every step and if he’s doesn’t stop them him and his friends could be in danger.

This book had me hooked from the first page I just couldn’t put it down, I instantly connected with the characters and just wanted to read more and more.

The Takeover is about Gen Next taking over at the worlds biggest music festival, they meet TV producer Ethan he se me like the perfect person to help out and everyone loves Ethan but Jack isn’t to sure and Ethan seems to be hiding something but only Jack can see it and if Jack isn’t careful everything could go up in smoke.

Again I could not put this book down it had me hooked I also like how the Ethan character was written these books are definitely worth reading and I know I will never get bored of these books.



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