Revolution Flawless 3 Review 

Hello lovelies,

I’m so sorry for only posting 1 blog last week but I have been so crazy busy so I think from now I’m only going to post on a  Monday and maybe a few extra whenever I get chance.

So today I am going to be reviewing a beautiful eyeshadow palette called Flawless 3, I got this from Superdrug for £8.

Firstly can we just talk about how pretty it is the colours look amazing, so you get 32 eyeshadows which is good for the price.

Inside you also get a big mirror which is definitely a bonus so now you have a mirror and an eye shadow palette you can put in your bag.

Ok so these colours wow, there is so many different and beautiful shades, they are a mix of shimmers and mattes, I think these colours are so easy to apply, they are super pigmented and you can create lots of different eye looks, I love how easy the colours blend as well, I’m not an expert with eyeshadow but with this you don’t need to be.

I honestly can’t recommend this palette enough it’s very thing I love in a palette.

Let me know if you have this palette!

Love KimmsBeautyy 

10 Comments Add yours

  1. Siyana says:

    Huge matte palettes with mirrors are the best thing you could get! xx

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    1. kimmsbeautyy says:

      They really are! X

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  2. sophiaaxo says:

    I love the revolution palettes, they are so pigmented and so affordable! I also love that they appreciate that a mirror is needed! Good blog post! also I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger award, please look at it on my blog xx

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    1. kimmsbeautyy says:

      Thank you so much!

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  3. Azra says:

    This palette looks so nice and I’m glad that it’s a good quality as well. I have to try it honestly. xx

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    1. kimmsbeautyy says:

      You should, I love it x

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  4. Those colors are really great and easy to blend! Totally beginner friendly. And the mirror inside is great for just £8! A lot of £40 palettes don’t have that. It’s a great one! Nice review ❤️

    Pearl ||

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    1. kimmsbeautyy says:

      I know it’s so good !, thank you 😊

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  5. I love these colours! Never actually bought anything from revolution for myself and I hear so many great things from them, think I should give them a try 🤔💖 great post! ☺️

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    1. kimmsbeautyy says:

      You definitely should and thank you 💕


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