Book Review April 2017

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to my blog so today’s post is going to be a book review as I love reading and I love sharing the books that’s I have loved so let’s get started. 

The One Memory Of Flora Banks

Flora has amnesia she can’t remember anything day to day, the instructions her parents gave her or how old she is. Then she kisses someone she shouldn’t and the next day she remembers it, it’s the first time she’s remembered anything since she was 10 but the boy has gone. This book is amazing I am in love with it, just when I thought I knew how it would end it had a twist to it i love books that do that I would definitely recommend this book.

Silence Is Goldfish 

I have a voice but it isn’t mine, it used to say things so I’d fit in, to please my parents, to please my teachers. 15 year old Tess doesn’t mean to become mute at first she’s too shocked to speak and who wouldn’t be discovering your whole life had been a lie because your dad isn’t your real father is a pretty big deal. I don’t normally go for books like this as I honestly didn’t think I would read something with no romance but I was wrong this book had left a good impression and I will definitely be reading more books I normally wouldn’t go for now.

A Quiet Kind Of Thunder 

Steffi doesn’t talk and Rhys can’t hear but they understand each other perfectly love isn’t always a lightning strike sometimes it’s the rumbling roll of thunder. This is such a nice book of two people meeting and helping each other, also it’s such a pretty cover I love everything about this book, the story had me hooked from page 1 and it made me want to read more as I learnt more about the characters I will definitely be re reading this book.

See How They Lie 

Mae’s grown up at the Hummingbird Creek, an elite wellness retreat where teens get the help they need from Mae,s father.  The Creek monitors residents daily life for health and well being and they must follow strict rules but Mae breaks them and starts asking dangerous questions. Once again this book has so many different twists and turns that I was not expecting but it made the book so good I just had to know what happens when she started finding out about the Creeks secrets.

I hope you liked this post, also thank you for nearly 170 followers that is amazing I love you all so much!



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