Trying Something New

Hello everyone,

So as you all know by now my blog is based around Makeup because that’s what I love and I have recently been going through my account and not liking all the posts I have been putting up, I love doing my reviews on makeup but I would like to talk about other things I love.

So I’m going to slowly change up my account, I want to be able to express myself and not just post about makeup all the time as I do love makeup but I love other things and sometimes I just want to write about a life experience or something that has happend to me as I think this would make my blog a bit better.

Like I said this change will happen slowly as I do have some other posts I’ve already planned that need to go up, but I hope you will like this change to my blog, I am very excited to see what happens.

Thanks so much for taking the time out to read this.



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