Nurbensten Review 

Hello everyone,

So today I am going to be talking/reviewing some products that this company kindly sent me.


So they let me pick out 4 items of my choice which was very nice of them, I will also be posting more pictures on my instgram.

So the first things I picked out were 2 necklaces, I hardly ever wear or buy jewellery but I want to change that so I picked out these beautiful ones.

These are so pretty and I will definitely be wearing them every day and I will be ordering some more necklaces from this company as they had so many amazing ones I just wanted them all. I will leave the links below to each product so you can check them out and buy them for yourself as they are not even that expensive!

Necklaces link:

Then I of course picked some makeup products which I am very happy to own, so I picked out some lip liners as I don’t actually own any, I got 12 amazing shades which are easy to apply I really love them I will be getting s lot of use out of them, I also picked a lipstick out and it’s a really pretty pink colour I liked how it applied and it’s very pigmented I would definitely recommend all theses products.

I also have a  code that you can use KIMD10 and you will get 10% of your order and if 5 or more people use my code I can hold a giveaway for you.

Love KimmsBeautyy 

My instagram: kimmsbeautyblog 



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