January Favourites 2017

Hello everyone,

I can’t believe it’s already time to talk about what I have been loving in January that’s crazy time has gone so fast!, I hope you all had a great month.

So today we are going to start of with no makeup products, so the first thing I have been loving is my new pet so I recently bought a Guinea Pig as someone who as selling him as they didn’t want him so I decided to buy him, he’s so cute I have named him Harry and he’s just adorable.

My next favourite is the TV series One Tree Hill, I used to watch this years ago so I decided to buy some of the seasons and I have been watching this none stop I forgot how much I loved it.

The next product is by Zoella and it’s the  Bake My Day mist, my friend gave me this mini one as she didn’t really like it, this is basically ginger bread in a bottle, at first I was unsure about it but now I love it I wish they sold this all year around as it’s so good.

I also have been loving another perfume this month and it’s the Wishmaker by Little Mix, this smells amazing I am so bad at describing scents so I’m not even going to tempt but it’s amazing and you should definitely check it out.

Now onto makeup favourites, the first one is by Tanya Burr and it’s the Rosy Flush cheek palette I love this I use it every day without fail as you can tell I have used the bronzer the most as I really like how it applies and how the colour looks once it’s all blended it looks so natural and gives me a nice pop of colour which I need, I’ve only just started using the highlighter but I love how easy it is to blend and the amazing glow it gives me.

My next makeup favourite is by Maybelline and it’s the Dream Velvet foundation, I really like this foundation I find it really easy to apply and it blends really well, I also like how matte it is and how it feels once applied, it doesn’t feel really heavy like some other foundations have I would definitely re buy this product. 

The next product is also by Maybelline and it’s the 24k Nudes palette which my friend bought me, the colours are amazing I am in love with it, it’s so easy to create amazing eye looks with this palette, the colours are also very pigmented I love this palette so much I will be getting a lot of use out of. 

The next product I have talked about so I won’t go on about it, but it’s the Essence Mattifying Compact Powder and it’s such a good product.

And the last product is a mascara by Maybelline it’s the Push Up Angel this mascara is so good, it gives me so much volume and length, the brush separates my lashes so well so it doesn’t look clumpy it’s amazing I use this every day.

So that is what I have been loving this month, thank you so much for reading.



7 thoughts on “January Favourites 2017

  1. Harry!!!! ♥♥♥
    If I had a guinea pig, it’d be in every single monthly favourites post of mine! 🙂

    Have you considered buying a buddy for Harry? Guinea pigs are social animals, in the wild they live in small colonies. A big plus of having two or more guinea pigs is that you can hear them ‘talk’ and sing (!). It’s awesome, I promise. And you’ll never tire of guinea pig sounds!

    Liked by 1 person

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