What I Got For Christmas 2016

Hello lovelies,

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and new year I’m excited for 2017 to see what it will bring, so today’s post is going to be a Christmas haul, I got a mixture of money and presents so we shall start with the presents ( I’m not trying to brag or show if I’m any way) 

The first thing I got is some little makeup storage holders I just love little things like this to store my favourite makeup bits in.

I also got a few Tanya burr products from my auntie which I will be doing a full review on very soon.

I got these Revolution makeup brushes, I’ve never had makeup brushes from them before so I’m very excited to use them I love their makeup !

I also got 2 books from Zoellas book club.

I also got some more little decorations for my room.

I got the new Ariana perfume sweet like candy this smells amazing.

I got this cute little note book to write down blog ideas and lots of other things, I love this as it has a cat on it. 

And then I got a few hand creams and bath/ shower things.

I bought my self the little mix perfume as I have been wanting this for a while, I also got the zoella body mist which I love.

I then got some of Zoellas Christmas collection as it was on sale, I will probably review it sometime in the next few months.

I also decided to buy a few more Tanya burr products as I love them all so much.

I also bought some new books and some beautiful eyeshadow palettes.

And the last things I bought are these Sleek products, I’ve never tried anything from sleek so I’m excited to try them.

So that’s what I got fore Christmas, I didn’t want to go into much detail on the products as I will probably do a review on most of the things, I hope you had a good Christmas and new year and I will see you next week with another post!



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