My Favourite Perfumes

Hello lovelies, 

So today’s post is going to be on my favourite perfumes as I hardly post any perfumes on my blog!

So the first ones were kindly sent to me by Vidal Lifestyle, they sent me 3 little samples to try so the first one is Vidalls Engaging, this scent is amazing, it’s smells so girly and sutle, I am bad at describing perfumes so I do apologise, but I would defiantly buy a full bottle of this and it doesn’t wear of within an hour of putting on like other perfumes do, the next one is Berry Vanilla wow just wow this is my favourite it’s smells so much like Vanilla it’s crazy id say this is perfect for winter I really want to buy a bigger bottle!, the website is you should deffienaly check them out as they smell amazing!

The next one is a body fantasies spray which I’ve had for a while this is pink grapefruit, I actually did a review on these a while back when I first started my blog, you can buy theses from superdrug and they are not tested on animals, so this one is such a nice fruity smell I used this a lot in summer as its amazing, and can easily fit in your bag.

The next one is a VS mist and this one is mango temptation, as you can tell I like my fruity scents this is amazing it smells so fruity and everything I love in a body mist, it does wear of after a few hours of putting it on but it is a body mist and it is affordable.

The next one is my little mix wish maker this one isn’t fruity but I still love the sutle smell it has to it, it’s not to strong it’s just right this does last all day and I would mainly wear this in Autumn, Winter time.

And the last one is from Avon this is the Perceive oasis this smells of white peony and Cotten musk, I was not expecting it to be that good as it is from Avon but once mine runs out I will be buying another one!

Thanks so much for 40+ followers that means the world to me, thank you so much for reading.



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