Avon Matte Lipsticks 

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog thank you for all the amazing support on my last post I was in shock when I saw how many people had liked it!

Today’s post is going to be an Avon lipstick review so basically my mum is an Avon rep so I always look in her first look book for the good deals and I saw the matte lipsticks were only £3.85 so I of course had to buy 3 of them and then I decided to review them becuase that’s what I do best.

So the first one I went for is the shade pure pink and this is like a pink nude colour, I was not expecting much from these lipsticks as they claim to be better then Mac but even though I have fallen in love with the Avon lipsticks I think Mac is still better, so this colour is really pigmented I wear it on days I don’t want a dramatic pink or red lip, it’s so easy to apply and it also didn’t dry out my lips like I expected to.

The next shade is electric pink, I have recently been loving bright pink lipsticks so it was no surprise when I picked this beautiful colour out, again this was so easy to apply and it’s really pigmented, this is defiantly going to be a lipstick I reach for most days now, it’s gets a 10/10 for me.

And the last shade is Ruby Kiss, now I normally don’t wear that much red lipstick but this one looked pretty so I thought I would give it a go, now this is just your classic red colour and I am so impressed with this colour is suited me really well which surprised me as sometimes a red lipstick can wash me out, the only thing about these lipsticks is when you eat and drink the colour does rub of so you do need to re apply but you do with most lipsticks anyway.

I think these lipsticks are really matte, easy to apply and are really pigmented so I will defiantly be buying some more very soon,they offer a huge colour selection from reds to pinks to corals, nudes and more so if you do receive an Avon book it’s defiantly worth checking them out and I know sometimes they are on offer for £5.50, I’m just happy my mum lets me order from her book to get a few pounds knocked of the price.
Thank you so much for reading this post, I hope you liked this review, if your new then I upload a new post every Sunday and I love you all so much 



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