Pip and Charlie

Hello lovelies, so today’s blog post is going to be slightly different from all the others I have done, today’s blog post is not a review, it’s a meet my new pets! 

So I first found my love for Guinea pigs last year when a woman down my street gave us hers for free since her children didn’t bother with him, when he arrived he was in a hamster cage so I went to pets at home and got him a new cage for £50, moving on he sadly died a few months ago from old age so I only had a year with him.

Instead of just getting rid of the perfectly good cage I decided to keep it becuase I was planning on getting some more in like 6 moths time but I’m Friday when visiting a pet store close to my house my mum asked if they had any Guinea pigs for sale, and the man who breeds them said yes I will have 2 boys ready tomorrow who are brothers, so my mum bought them without seeing them first and I was in shock! But  I am so happy with them I’m so in love.

This is Pip I’m not sure what breed he is but he’s 8 weeks old, out of both of them he is the boss and Charlie follows him around everywhere he loves his hay and his food.

This is Charlie again not sure what breed, but when we go him home I thought he was dead becuase he was so still, turns out he’s just so calm like he doesn’t have a care in the world but he loves cuddles with me and Pip. 

I have actually made an instagram account for them so if you want to follow them it’s @pipandcharlie 

They are sharing a cage for now but I am getting an indoor run made for them soon as they will out grow the cage, so when I get the run I’m going to buy them places to sleep and lots of toys I’m so excited to have them in my life!

If you want to see a cage tour in a few months then let me know also I am going to be filming a YouTube video on them in a few weeks time were you can actually see them better

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, thank you for all the wonderful support



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