Body Fantasies

Hello everyone, so todays blog post is on one of my new favourite brands I have found and want to share with you.

I first discovered the Body Fantasies company through instagram @bodyfantasiesuk, after seeing they was going to be launching in Superdrug stores in the UK I had to click on there account to find out more and I was not disappointed, they have a really nice Instagram account and the people who run it are lovely and take time out to answer all your questions.

1458990700761 (1).jpg

The first Body Fantasies I bought was Japanese Cherry Blossom as I have always loved cherry scents and I was not disappointed.

Its smells amazing !

I love everything about them, the packaging is cute, they all smell so good and the scent lasts a long time!


They also contain over 500 sprays which I did not expect as the bottles are only 94ml but after using it for a few weeks I can say there is more then 500 sprays! For a small bottle  this is amazing.

I also love the fact the bottles are small enough to put in your bag and they don’t take up much room so you can always have your favourite with you to show to others!


After loving my first Body Fantasies I of course had to go buy another one, I decided to get the Pink Grapefruit one and this smells so amazing! I really do like fruity smells and this did not disappoint me at all, I think this is the perfect scent for spring and summer.

You can buy Body Fantasies from Superdrug for £3.99! I am going to get the other scents soon as I love them so much!

They have 4 scents all together and I really think you should check this amazing company out, and they are also cruelty free!, I don’t think they can get any better!


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